Scanning a soccer ball outside

I am trying to do a test scan on an overcast day. I have a soccer ball sitting on a fence post. All the scanner (on my Android phone) is saying ‘too close’. I started right up against the ball and kept going back and back and back… till it was golf ball sized. It is an old, beat up soccer ball with no reflective sides. Anyone have tips to get started scanning outside?

Was the ball in direct sunlight?

It’s hard outside because the scanner sensors are saturated with external light sources.
You need to wait just before night, or as said in the manual, you need to cover with something like A tarpolin or something else.

… Or simply take your ball inside :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
And also remember one thing: a ball will be difficult to scan without markers because it’s a totally symmetrical object.

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I was testing to see how i would do a statue thus not wanting to bring it it. Also, it is VERY overcast today and ZERO shadows. Still no luck.

No sun. Extremely overcast. No shadows from anything at all.

The scanner uses light that it projects to “see” the object being scanned. If the ambient light is bright enough, that ambient light obscures the pattern being projected by the scanner.

If the scanner sees the object indoors but does not see it outdoors, it’s because outdoors has too much ambient light. It’s not “sunshine”, it’s “ambient” which includes scattered light through clouds as well as the light that is reflecting off of everything so that you can see everything…

Have you tried scanning this soccer ball indoors?


Just a thought. Just take it inside and give it a quick try.
UV rays are not inhibited by clouds at all. You can get very sunburned on a dark cloudy day at the beach.
The ball is a perfect subject for capturing with any technology.
I just received mine and have not even opened it up yet. I am sure I will bump my head a few times before I figure out the details also.
Best of luck, Phill

Inside seemed OK. Just not the bottom :wink: Ball STL file [let me know if the link works please)


Not bad at all for a first scan. The link worked fine.

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Thanks, I really, really want this to work out well. So now I have to figure out how to cover the statue outside. Wonder if a golf umbrella would work. Might have to get an assistant.

Scan the statue at night. Problem solved. :slight_smile:

UV rays are not inhibited by clouds at all.

I think the scanner uses IR, not UV.

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Rocketsled. That sounds right. What do you suspect was causing the outdoor interference ( or problem ) if it wasn’t something coming through the clouds ? IR is filtered by clouds to some extent most certainly and the POP does use IR…

Maybe some input from the creators here about scanning outdoors under cloud cover?

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Personally, I never managed to scan outside, except I wait for the sun to set, just before it gets dark. otherwise the scanner does not see the object at all or sees absolutely everything except what I want.

In any case your scan of the ball is not bad at all.

Ps: clods don’t block all IR, just lower then more than the UV radiations.

It can be fun to use an IR camera to see what the Pop project on objects

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I’m not an expert on this sort of thing. But even on a cloudy day, some IR is still getting through. And it’s coming from a tera-watt light bulb (the Sun) so even a lot of attenuation still lets plenty through. And then, objects emit their own IR as a function of how hot they are. So something that’s been exposed to the sun (even through some cloud cover) is going to heat up above ambient. That will reduce the “contrast” of the reflected IR from the scanner, same as if there was a separate brighter IR source shining on it. I would generally expect outdoor scanning to be extremely challenging while the sun is still high in the sky. The sun produces too much direct and reflected light compared to what the scanner can output. The scanner’s projection gets washed out.

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They show a statue being hand scanned in the sample video for the product. That is all I am asking for…


In this video they say " cover the object you want to scan".

I already tried outdoor statue, the only way I found are to wait the sun going down

Hi @eAddict @RocketSled @Zoltan3D @Carver , last time when I discussing with product team, they said that “It is a normal condition caused by strong outdoor light/sunlight. POP is the infrared wave band of more than 800 nanometers, but each wave band in sunlight is relatively strong, so it is more difficult to image. The indoor LED light source is not affected.”
I personally think that the environment quality may also have influence on it.
Whatever, we notice this post and have plan to write a guide about outdoor scanning. I will post it in this forum once it is available. Please don’t worry.


Looking forward to the tutorial as it was the major reason I choose this portable scanner. The sales video makes it look super easy…

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And probably looks weird when you are out an about in public.


I wonder if one can use some kind of IR filter layer/lens in front of pop’s lenses/cameras to make the outdoor scanner more successful. Please ask you engineers about that. Thanks!