Scanner handle adapter

A little widget to convert the cold shoe to the camera screw.

Find it here: Revopoint scanner adapter

This allows more configurations of the parts that make up the handle/phone holder/swivel head etc.

Be careful - the screw is plastic so if you overtighten it and it breaks and drops your expensive scanner on the floor, it’s not my fault.

Send it out to a service bureau, such as Shapeways, and get it printed in brass (surprisingly, cheaper than aluminum).

Another material would be glass-filled nylon.

Ooh, nice idea. I actually bought a few camera screws, broke the plastic thread off the adapter and heat welded the screw to the top of the cold shoe part. That way i get a metal screw, but it relies on the molten plastic weld on the screw head. It seems quite sturdy, though. But i like your idea.

The thread is 1/4 standard thread so any quick release plate will works wit POP2 or MINI , both actually was designed to support traditional quick release plate from most all tripods .

For reference

You could use the one from your scans , they are the same screw with 1/4 thread

PUTV - $8.50 vs 3c. Hmm, $8.50 vs 3c? Buy or enjoy your 3d hobby? I guess, like most of my inventions, there are better things on the market, but there’s something innately satisfying in using something home made.

And just like home baked bread doesn’t last as long as shop bought because the commercial product has had ‘things’ (progress) added, sometimes it’s nice to choose to accept good enough simply because you made it.

But I take your point.

Now I think I’ll just go and watch my cardboard tv. I’ve put the middle of a toilet roll inside it so i can watch ‘My Tube’.


Hey nothing about home replacement/inventions, I do print my own quick release plates as well but plastic screw are not really the way to go and you know that. You should leave opening for the original scanner screw and that would be really improvement that cost not a cent extra .
And not need to buy a new screw … :laughing:

My response was to casting parts in bronze what is more expensive than buying full release plate for $4.25 ( with a metal screw)

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