Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2/Android doesn't work

The scanner works fine on my workstation. It connects to my cell phone hotspot just fine, too. Seems to connect to the phone’s USB as well. But when I click “Scan” in the app, it quits immediately (not even a Force Stop message, it just goes away). And it does this the same whether the scanner is connected or not, so it’s something pretty fundamental that’s not compatible with this phone.

Before I go working my way through a vast collection of Android devices of varying vintages going back to Android Lollipop, in an attempt to find a device the scanner will work with, can anyone point me to a list phones and Android revisions that are known for sure to work with the Android app?

Xiaomi 9t pro works fine in USB and wifi.

But don’t forget than the android app are in beta, will be optimized soon

It is the height to see that a phone 4x more expensive than the scanner does not work with :upside_down_face:

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It does work on my Samsung Galaxy S10+ with the newest updates BUT only with plugging the POP into a battery pack and using the hotspot feature. The phone will NOT power it. I guess they do not allow that much power to be taken from the phone just given to it (for charging).

Yeah. My phone powers it just fine. Green light goes on and stays on. Doesn’t even blink when the scan is invoked and the app quits. Same exact behavior powered with a battery pack and connected over WiFi, so it’s specific to my phone and not the interface method.

But it’s good to know the app works with other devices. I have a large collection of outdated Android HW, I’ll have to give those a try. Or alternately, maybe I will buy one of the new hand-held windows gaming PCs, like the GPD Win3 handheld, and just run windows on something that’s fairly cell-phone sized… I’ve been trying to find an excuse to buy one anyway. :slight_smile:

Hello, I’m making a list of phones,
You can add your here : List of compatible phones (updated every day) Please add yours whether it works or not

Thanks for your help !

Hi @RocketSled

May I know if your problem is solved or not now? We updated the software several times.

This is the newest one: [Update on 20210722] The Android version of Handy Scan - v2.5.9.20210721

After this version was released, many Samsung users said they could use the POP.

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I have not tried. But I will. With my new Z Fold 3, and I will let you know. Thank you for checking!

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Thank you for your cooperation. We will wait for your feedback. Please kindly remember to plug the POP to a power bank, and use the Wi-Fi mode.