RS5 RP Mini Scanner. Accuracy check fails, calibration fails

So just having a poke through RS,

I was having a lot of trouble getting a scan at all with just red point clouds that wouldn’t capture. For some reason setting “surface filtering ratio” to 100% solved this issue, it seems a bit back to front if it’s detecting flat surfaces as you would think it needs to be at 0% to stop detecting surfaces.

But anyway, I got past that issue and I’m getting decent scans. I was interested to see if calibration could improve these scans. In the calibration section my scanner very quickly fails the accuracy check. I have tried this mounting it on a tripod and lining up the larger circles exactly but it fails every time.

No problem right… I can just calibrate… but unfortunately this also doesn’t work. It allows me to go through the whole calibration but then when it is processing the calibration data it fails with the error “data processing failed please recalibrate”.
I have tried the calibration both by following the instructions and holding the scanner by hand, tilting it each direction by 30 degrees. I have also seen a video by RP on Youtube where they tilt the calibration board instead, so I tried this, even mounting the scanner on a tripod so it was steady when calibrating, but no luck with any of these methods.

As far as I know there are no new firmwares for the scanner ( as I have not been prompted to update, nor can I see any way to check for updates for firmware.

Should i be concerned at all that the accuracy check is failing, has anyone else been able to successfully calibrate their Mini?

Hi! Interesting, as my mini has a lower firmware version and it says it is the newest.

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I had calibration troubles with my mini, too. What probably helped was plugging the power chord into my laptop in order to have enough power for the mini’s usb cable and maybe to provide really good ambient light (daylight through a window).

Hi! Please use the USB cable to keep power supply is stable during the calibration process.

Please book an online meeting with us to check the problem for you:

I did the calibration with my Mini yesterday. it was evening , a bit of indirect ambient light by a near led lamp and didn’t have difficulties doing the calibration. my laptop had power by ac plugged in and mini was connected on usb-c.

Thanks, I will make sure my laptop is plugged in next time - it wasn’t last time around. I’m in the UK and the weather is overcast here now, the light in the room was from a window in the day, that is to say; I believe it was about right, it wasn’t super bright but it was well lit as the tutorial describes.

Olivia - I will contact RP if I still can’t get it working.

i have the same issue with firmware also lol

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Can you chime in on the FW strangeness? My firmware shows - why is this different to others firmware when they all say up-to-date? What is the actual latest firmware for the Mini?

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Tried the calibration with laptop plugged in this morning and still no dice. I have booked a meeting with RP to see if it can be solved.