Rotating Table Dots Pattern

I 3D printed rotating table to use with Revo Pop2. Do I need to put mark dots with specific pattern or just any pattern will be good ?

It has to be as random as possible with no repeating patterns. Looking at my turntable if you copied the positions it would obviously work

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Thank you. I am noob on this forum , so where I can see your turntable ? Thanks in advance

Here is my pattern for small object and bigger

Here is for small object

and here for large objects

It don’t have to be exactly , but make sure when you look at right and left the pattern are slightly different , if you can get reflective marker points works the best , since they reflect on the angles better than the POP2 original . The size of the markers can be from 4mm to 6-7 mm for the white inner dot , make sure your plate is black plastic .