Rgb camera stopped working after a couple of scans

rgb camera not is showing anymore ?in the window of the handy scan software it stays grey, tried 4usb 3ports and also tried it on my phone with no succes, had no problems before

@Emilio have you tried Revo Scan latest version?

yes, i uninstalled the old one and got the new version on the site

and is it still the same?

have you tried powering it from the power bank and connect on WiFi?

yeah the same, tried it on the computer (4different usb 3 ports and the usb c port) and on the phone (with powerbank and wifi)

@Emilio maybe @Revopoint3D-Cassie will be able to help when she is in work again, is it POP1 or 2? 6am in china at the moment but sure she will be able to sort something out

pop 1, i hope she can help me out on this one

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@Emilio go to device manager on windows and check under cameras, you should have there 2 cameras Depth and RGB , if the RGB is missing then something go wrong with the RGB camera, if it is there it may be just corrupted driver and you need to uninstall it there then unplug your POP and plug again for new driver installation .Also if that do not work you can check windows permission under setting and see if the settings are ON for Camera / Revo Studio software .

But it is also the same problem when i use it on my phone

Maybe check the port in the back of the unit itself to see if there’s damage or potentially a dirty contact.

Is the cable seating well?

just tried the device manager thing you said, it was showing the 2 camera’s i removed the rgb one and reinstalled it, same problem the rgb cam is not working only the depth cam is working, no damage at the back of the scanner and the cable is sitting wel i tested it a couple of times to be sure

Well in this case you will have probably appointment with @Revopoint3D-Cassie and the programmer to check it out as I did , he fixed my issue in 20 min as my POP2 was shutting down before for no reason and I had camera issue as well .

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i Hope they can help me out because it is realy annoying, couple of days ago everything was working fine and now all of a sudden this thing is happening

I understand , it is frustrating , but because you said there was 2 cameras under your device manager this means maybe some small glitch . If the RGB camera was off under device manager then it may be damaged, at least some hope for repair .

while you waiting , you may check on your phone the connection via WiFi/Hotspot or on your computer then you will be 100% sure nothing got wrong with the cable connections .

i tried it on my phone also before, same problem rgb cam not showing only the depth camera

@Revopoint3D-Cassie will be back at work in about 2-3 hours , so she may help you with this problem , as that is all we can do here for you in the forum . Good luck and I hope nothing serious happened!

yeah hope they can help me out,i always am pretty carefull with the scanner if i don’t use it i store it safly in the box again and that box i put in another bigger box just to be sure nothing gets to it, i need to go to sleep now since its 2:35 am here :stuck_out_tongue: , thx for the help so far

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still no help from them …

@Emilio I don’t know what country you are from , but I see the time difference is not in your favor , Cassie was very busy yesterday not much around in the forum , please send her PM about your issue @Revopoint3D-Cassie just in case she missed it in the forum posts , and please explain everything in great details about your issue including your screen shots, if I talk to her tonight I will mention that you sent an urgent PM . She can’t resolve it here in the forum anyway so she gonna ask you to do the same.

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