RGB background?


On scanning software there are 2 options named RGB Background and Texture
I understand what texture is (it is getting the object with colored texture)
But what is RGB background for ?

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Hi @ilkeraktuna

The RGB background is used for aligning the image and make it easier to track during scanning.

Sorry, I don’t know how to explain this clearly in English. :sweat_smile:

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Does this mean that when I activate “RGB Background” in the mobile (Android) version, it doesn’t lose track as easily? I didn’t see that anywhere in the manual.

From what I understand, when the RGB background setting is on, then the feed from the RGB camera will be included in the background of the preview window where you can see the point cloud being captured. This doesn’t affect the automatic tracking at all, but is there as a convenience for you, the operator, so that you can better realign the point cloud with the model when tracking is lost, because you can see the point cloud overlaid on top of the model.


Thank you.
But what you describe is just what I see without “RGB background” activated, just the background is kind of “bleak”. I think I’ll just try it out.

Ok, I tried it now - “RGB-Background” activated - and I got the worst scan I ever did with this device :rofl: Lots of holes, artifacts, disstortions. Whatever “RGB-Background” does, I’ll keep it switched off :slightly_smiling_face:

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weird, but good to know.
let’s keep it off…

Yes! Your explanation is much better and clear. Thank you. :clap: