Revoscan Mac Version 4.1.1?

Hello there Revopoint,
the windows version of Revoscan 4.1.1. is already out since some weeks.
What´s about the Mac version which also supposed to be released in October?
Please release it soon… :pray:

Hi @Skyrider ,

We will release the new Mac version in the next week.

Best Regards

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:sweat_smile:The same answer you gave me a few weeks ago.
:crossed_fingers: for this time

can’t install Revo scan on mac v package can’t be opened because apple cannot check it for malicious software

you have to open system preferences, there is an option to allow the program to open in:
security and privacy…

Hi Cassie,

…another week is gone

Do you have any news about the mac update?
It´s quite frustrating that we mac users have to wait two months longer (or even more) for the upgrade windows users have since beginning of october…
So, please release it soon :pray:

Hi @Skyrider

Sorry for being late.

Boss stopped the release of the software pkg since it has yet to be good enough in the last week. Then our dev team improved it again.

Now it is finished. After I test it, I will release it on this forum.

Best Regards

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With my experience with customer services regarding software updates you will get a better answer from this chap.

Hi @Skyrider ,

The download link of V4.2.0 is:

Sorry again for keeping you wait.

Best Regards

Hi Cassie, I tried the new version now for some days. It works good, better then last versions but it is slower with calculations. I see my processors are only very little at work, maybe 10 %…