Revoscan Fundamental flaws

Hello, I am a semi-retired mechanical and software design engineer and have recently purchased a Pop 3 scanner for scanning some of my prototypes. The scanner is challenging but as the technology currently stands it seems good value. My real issue is with fundamental flaws in your new Revoscan 5 software (currently 5.2.3). I have the same issues on 2 of my machines both high end I7 with 16gb ram and Nvidia GPUs. One running Windows 10 Pro and the other Windows 11. The first problem being that when exporting a file (*.ply) to a local or mapped network location it doesn’t remember the last saved location and always presents your program root appdata folder thus making me have to navigate to the same required folder every time I export thus causing a seriously bad workflow. This can and needs to be rectified very easily. The second problem which appears to be happening to other users as well is that when you minimise the program to the taskbar it doesn’t maximise again. If you resize the program window e.g. 80% of the full screen size and drag it away front the top of the screen then minimise it will restore to the same size. But if you minimise full screen to the taskbar it doesn’t restore so you have to right click “Close Window” then restart. If you simply try to restart the program it comes up with a dialogue saying it is already running. I have tried Compatibility mode, Run as Admin and Task Manager Restart Explorer but to no effect. I have waited thru 3 updates but still an issue. I am willing to help & test if the developers contact me.

I agree on that , I scanned a lot yesterday and while exporting it never remember the last location .

You need to close the HOME tab before restarting the app , it takes a seconds before you can restart since sometimes it saves data in the background before closing completely.

There is lots of things that need to be still added and fixed , so waiting 3 updates is nothing , the is always much more ahead than people’s feedback in real time .
For example the last update priority was functional bugs so it was emergency fix and nothing else was changed in that build .

I have faith that all the little bugs and usability issues will be fixed in time. Revopoint have gone great guns with V5 which is so far ahead of V4 it’s like it wasn’t even written by the same people. What’s great is that they listen to the feedback. How many other companies are as responsive?

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Yes I am well aware that all programs have and will always continue to have bugs. But there are some fundamentals that need addressing here as they severely affect workflow. I think you missunderstood the restart. It is nothing to do with HOME. It is to do with minimising the program to the taskbar, It does not maximise/restore back to the window. So the only way to restore is to right click on the taskbar to close the program (in fact there are 2 instances running if you Alt/tab the profile and the main program) and then restart it by clicking the taskbar icon or relaunching from the desktop. I have sent an email to the dev team on this as well.

I have only just joined the Revopoint gang and being new to these scanners discovered it is down to pretty much suck it and see to meet ones specific requirements. But so far I am getting very good results using my pop 3 on sub 50mm prototypes. As I am moulding my protos in white morph the scanner was struggling so I sprayed them Simoniz Grey Plastic Spray Primer paint it is absolutely spot on with every detail, so good result. As to the software side of it I have 43 years of software development behind me so I am simply pointing out the fundamental issues that need addressing to improve workflow. One of the major problems with these type of flaws is the fact that it may work on some machines but not on others so difficult to track down. But logging the previous file location when exporting is a very simple fix and has very big implications on workflow especially if you have to re-navigate though a series of network locations like I do. In fact the dev team responded to me quickly so yes as you say it is great that they listen. I have also found a similar good experience with Bambu Labs and this type of response greatly builds customer confidence. Unlike Creality…

Hi @Badgersurfer

I am not against any of your feedback.
You are always free to post any feedback and suggestions .

The software is very new and still a baby , have a patience.

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