Revopoint with external texture

has anyone tried to use revopoint pop scan with texturing from another program?

I am not sure I understand your question .

If you mean scanned object was textured later manually then yes .

I use zBrush on my Pop scanned meshes to remove surface noise and repair any blobs or missed features. The brushes I use most are Smooth, Flatten, Polish and Move. There are also some nice pattern texture brushes like Crocodile skin that can be varied by the Brush size and Intensity.


I created new textures from RGB data that was collected in Revo Scan while scanning and generated new textures from it in Zbrush , here is my video process of that

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thanks for the links and replies
but I was thinking more like, a different program to process images onto the scanned mesh, or pointcloud, as my colors from the pop mini seem to not work that great,

you can use reality capture with the point cloud data from revoscan.

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You can use MeshLab , zbrush, blender and many other programs to texture manually your scanned meshes .

You will need to capture your own photos for doing it .
Create new better UVs in the process , there is nothing automatic about so little learning curve for you .

this looks interesting, have you tried it before?

yeh, not this specific workflow, we used different software for the VFX pipeline, but its pretty much the same, its not an automatic or easy process, but the key here is aligning the photogrametry camera positions to your scanned mesh / point cloud and reprojecting it, as PUTV mentioned you can use other software to do this manually for each photo, reality capture can make this easier if you have a large dataset.
this video better explains it.


FASCINATING! I’m a complete neophyte with zBrush, so far just using it to sculpt and clean up the surfaces of my 3D scans. I can see the potential here to make texture stamps -I have a mummy project and I’d love to be able to put a burlap texture into the bandages.
I’m especially greatful that you have an English subtitle on your video as I have a hearing disability and having to rely on auto-generated Closed Captions can be a pain!

I’m really inspired, Thanks!

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Thank you @3D-looey
That would be easy to create burlap brush as and much faster using a picture than a scan for your project .

I use Zbrush since 1999 , I was actually the original beta tester before first release , and there is still not enough time to learn everything what it offers today , too many great stuff by each update .

Anyway you more than welcome .
Glad you like it .
I will make sure there is a proper subtitle in my next video .
The last 2 videos don’t have it and the Auto Captions was slightly funky .

Thanks again and if anything, let me know !

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Hi there, I did, and even made an extensive tutorial on how to do so! It takes some time but you can get much better textures this way, so here’s my tut: How to texture your scans!
And as others mentioned you can also use a photogrammetry software to automate this process.

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