Revopoint turntable slowed down with gears

Project finished.
We all know the turntable is to fast as it’s about 2,4-2,5rpm .
The motor has a gear which means we can also slow it down.

I made several tries to get here now as I am now an engineer or know exactly what I’m doing .
Three more gears have been printed and added to the motor.

The speed now has changed to 1,7-1,8rpm . A full turn now needs about 33 seconds.

I made a new gear for the motor which is small enough that it won’t grip the plates outside gear and then two bigger ones to slow down the turntable. Don’t know if that’s the way some gears should look like but it works :slight_smile:

Let me know what you think about that.

I can’t post videos here but in the official revopoint users group you’ll find the videos how I made it.


Great work! Thanks!
Do you think you could design gears for other turning speed like even slower?

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Great idea! Why don’t you post your stl file if you can?

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I don’t really know what I need to change to make it even more slower. That was just trial an error until it fitted inside. You are also limited in the space. The biggest and smallest one can not be made smaller so it’s just a matter of adding more i think.

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Revopoint turntable gear ( slowed down to 1,7rpm) by CUTTY - Thingiverse I did also add it to the main post :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I have no facebook account - would it be possible to have the videos on Youtube ? So they would be public …

by the way: great improvement - simple but powerfull !!!

Unfortunately no. Don’t want to upload those videos to YouTube. Don’t you know anyone who has Facebook to check it ?

Hi Cutty,
unfortunately I am a social media agnostic - even though I worked with networks since “usenet”.
But don´t worry, I will check if someone has facebook … else I know now, what to do and could repeat your work.
Thank you !

Lol I can upload them anywhere XD.

Please check this links and tell if that worked