Revopoint software

I have literally done about 100 scans with the mini.
So far 3 have been successful.

Please don’t tell me you have to learn to scan. The software is just awful.
Both marker and feature mode constantly lose track.

It is just not right to sell this product for $800 on Amazon. It is just not ready.

There are so many issues, but the most annoying is the tracking.

Can we expect a usable product in the near future or shall I just give up on it?

Can you upload a picture of the object that gives you troubles ?

Did you recalibrated the device ?

@Geige while I don’t disagree that the software could be better, it does work. I have read on this forum that if you use the target mode, you need at least 6 targets in the field of view at all times.

This is a recent scan I did of a section of an injection molding machine to retrofit. There were no ‘features’ to use as registration points so I had to use the target mode. I used a full sheet of targets for this section (the yellow dots are where each target was placed. Sorry I did not use the RGB camera). While this project only required the accuracy of a POP2 scanner, the software and process is the same for the MINI. This was not a noisy scan but the surface coating is a Hammerite textured paint.

So I guess the question boils down to: Do you want to invest the time to learn how to get good scans? I am no expert but I learned enough to get “good enough for me” scans. It is like anything, photography, 3d printing, cooking etc. You have to know how you use the equipment and what its limitations are.

Hope this helps, as least for the use of targets.


This is exactly the response I did not ask for.

By the way, I rather doubt you calibrated your scanner because the calibration software is not working, it gets hung up in step 13 where it asks to keep horizontal forever…

So the question is not if I want to learn how to scan better but rather if I want to sell this piece of junk on ebay and buy a decent scanner.

I calibrated 5 devices with it in less than couple of min each as many others around .

But that really don’t matters here right now , you do what you have to do .

Good luck !



PopUp is paid by revopoint!

@Geige is a conspiracy theorist :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

They could not afford me .


PUTV is actually the most helpful user around here, has answered all my questions very quickly and with much patience. Doesn’t matter what his relationship is with Revopoint, he has helped many people get starting or solve problems.

I’m a total beginner and my scanning has gone from ‘total chaos loosing track all the time garbage results’ to being able to scan anything and everything, mostly thanks to reading other peoples journeys and problems, and ‘Jermaul W’ on youtube.

My MINI apparently has some quality issues but they don’t affect the scanning results, I’m getting extremely accurate scans and superb tracking. Just need to do the right preparation and setup.

What helped the most for tracking was adding random blobs of Blu-Tak around the object I want to scan. And more distance from the object, it needs to see many object to keep track. Also setting the right exposure on the depth camera. It’s ok to have lots of areas overexposed, if it helps to have more objects further behind in track. Also scan with 36 seconds per rotation. And keep environment light minimal, or dark. Keep background black if possible. I’m using a velvet black cloth behind the scan. Use a 45 degree angle down to the object, this helps with keeping more tracking dots in view, or the random blobs. Try to limit rotations. One flat rotation and one tilted 20 degrees away gives good results. There’s so much more to learn. I’m only scratching the surface of 3D scanning, but after only one week I went from not being able to scan to being able to scan, and without the right guidance I would still not be able to scan, so it shows ‘knowledge is power’ and ‘practice makes perfect’.

If you decide to sell your unit and try another 3D scanner I can almost assure you you will have the same learning curve. Good luck to you.


Also I need to use scanning spray for almost everything. Shiny things and dark things just don’t work without scanning spray. Matte, light colored things might work, but I just spray everything now and get excellent results every time. Have purchased a cheap portable airbrush and will use ATTBLIME AB2-G with it, this will be the cheapest and highest quality option (thanks to PUTV). Now I’m using AESUB Orange but it smells too much and is too expensive, so looking forward to the airbrush.


Thanks @hugonl38 for the good word , I am used to it by now .
and btw it is “she” … 25 years professional experiences in 3D , am just having my 25th anniversary in 2 weeks…

And one thing , I am not for sale or marketing puppet and it is offending to call someone that without to even knowing the person , if things are wrong you gonna hear it from me first and Revopoint really apretiate the truth ,as long it is constructive opinion and even better with eventual proposal of solution .
That why the MINI have a better quality today that was even planned and I have my part in it, and if someone come over saying it is piece of junk, know nothing about 3D scanning and how to approach it , and that is OK not to knowing , as with any tool you need to learn it first . There is no one 3D scanner in the world that do not request some skills and have a learning curve , for some it is easier than for others , it depends on each individual users. I do not like all 3D scanners either but this don’t give anybody right to offend others for no reason , especially thise that try to help others out , very rude ! .


Cool! Thanks again for all your help! 3D scanning is so much fun, I can’t stop scanning stuff around the house :slight_smile: Learning a lot in the process. Also how to use the different processing software. I guess in a few years I will laugh at my current results :sweat_smile:

But this is my current best scan of the included bust from Revopoint, made it gold material, super fun. Just to motivate anyone starting, I knew nothing about 3D scanning just a few days ago. I can only imagine how much more stuff I will still learn.


Very good @hugonl38 you learned very fast in just a couple of days indeed … and I can see the results , my first own scan I purchased was 20 years ago , it was $5000 semi automatic , based on photogrammetry technology , I remember I scanned most everything I had in the house , at work we have different technology scanners that requires very difficult process , so I know how it feels .

Great you have fun with it , that is most important
the rest come automatic as you practice with various objects on the way , the best way of learning .

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You should sell. I can see the ebay listing now:

Piece of Junk for sale, bargain!
Do not buy this if you want your scans served to you on a silver platter without learning how it works.  You will be very disappointed, angry even, when it doesn't work.

Tom, you made me spit out my coffee :rofl: :joy: :rofl:
the code was brilliant idea !

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As a general rule, don’t drink a beverage while reading a post of mine.

Others know this, DAMHTKT!


Haha thanks for the laugh @TomWS :grin:

Just finished copying a clothes peg, my first little reverse engineering project using Fusion360, so much fun!

Very educational for me. Will be using this route a lot to repair things around the house. Exactly why I need a 3D scanner.


Cool, congratulations!

Of course we’ll ignore the fact that you can buy about a hundred of those clips, with springs, for about $1.50USD :upside_down_face:

I’m teasing, of course, getting the capability is what it’s all about…


Yrright :wink: But now I can emboss names 'n stuff into them! haha
For sure playing is what leads to learning, I have a lot of playing ahead :stuck_out_tongue:


@hugonl38 , it is simple but soo good ! nice and clean scan and reverse engineering of it … well done !

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Thanks, Tom, that will be exactly the text I use.