Revopoint POP2 Stuck on blue light

Bought a pop2 at the beginning of 2022, arrived April 2022. Used a few times, struggled, some successful scans but largely disheartened, and it’s been in its box ever since.

9 months later, today, I decide to have another go but I can’t get it to come alive.Same USB socket on the PC, tried the old and newer software, tried USB, tried cable, everything - Device never goes green light.

I also tried using the battery and wi-fi but it doesn’t connect.

Device shows up on wifi lists, it also shows up in the “device manager” on the PC as Depth camera and RGB camera.

Please help, I’d like some use out of it!

Hi @HendersonEngineering

Try first pushing 10 times the play button on the back of the device , if not working

Try this one [Tutorial] MINI | POP2 | RANGE - Firmware Update Error - Tip | Fix - #6


Thanks for your response. I have tried that a number of times but nothing happens.

Interestingly, if i plug the scanner into my USB socket it stays blue and the PC recognises it in device manager as ZXCamera.
If I plug it into the USB 3.0 port it gives a flickering pale light blue light, but doesn’t appear in the device manager.

I’m pretty sure this POP2 must be knackered, because it worked straight away when I first bought it, zero problems!

Yeah, doing the button hold thing, the light doesn’t turn red at all. Goes from a light blue to a darker blue. And that’s it.

Any other suggestions?

Looks like the device hardware is bad if you can’t even follow the instructions from the thread .

I will move this thread to Customer Services and @Revopoint3D-Gena or @Revopoint3d-Agnes will check on it when they are back in office in around 9 hours from now on .

That’s all I can help you here in the forum with .
If you don’t want to wait you may write direct email to and add a link to your thread as references and also Order number and forum ID

I hope things get fixed for you soon .

Firstly, please try a different cable and observe if the indicator light turns green at the end.

POP 2: you have a long type A cable and a long type C cable and a short 2-in-1 cable; the long cables are for computers only while the short 2-in-1 cable is for smartphones only;

MINI: you have a long type A cable and a small type C adapter and a short 2-in-1 cable; the long cable and the small adapter are for computers only while the short 2-in-1 cable is for smartphones only;

Secondly, please try a different power source, such as a wall socket or a power bank.

If the solutions above don’t work, please follow the steps below:

Step 1, download the get_log_v2.0 folder(the entire folder), plug the scanner into your laptop, DO NOT run Revo Scan, wait for 30s, open the folder, double click to run the get_log.bat, and there will be a log generated in the same folder, please send it to​​

get_log.bat download link:

Step 2, after you send the log file, please download the latest version of Revo Scan, run it, watch the video and follow the steps to do the recovery, then Revo Scan will pop up the firmware update window, update the firmware.

Revo Scan download link:

Video to do the Recovery:

If firmware updates successfully, please wait for the scanner to restart and check if the indicator light turns green and the scanner is connected to the Revo Scan.

If the firmware fails to update, please contact for further resolution.