Revopoint MINI right depth camera not in focus

The left camera of the mini is in focus around 15 cm. The right camera is in focus around 50 cm.
I don’t understand why there is a different optimal focus point.

Can somebody explain?

The cameras are calibrated together with RGB canera so not as individual camera sensors , using it outside the software is meaningless.

The Mini Depths preview you see in the software is just a left Depth cam preview and it’s focus really don’t matters , what matters is what you see in the real time rendering preview .

If you have issue with the software or scanning just make a screenshot of the preview at 10cm to max 20cm from the object ( the best is 10cm)

Checking the sensors with other software will not allow you to read proper the calibration data , MINI is structured light 3D scanner and not photogrammetry, the Depth sensors reading Blue laser patterns distortions on the surface with specific light length , not the pictures . The shift between both sensors is not equal .

Run Calibration test 3 times ( not whole calibration )and let me know the whole lowest value you got to be 100% sure

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