Revopoint Dual-axis Turntable Quickstart Guide V1.0



Hello, thanks for the guide. How does this work with the Android app, though? I have paired the turntable, green LED is steady lit, but I have no idea how to turn it on in the app. Can you help?



Android app doesn’t support the turn table yet. New version is coming eventually that will.

Currently, only the Windows version is compatible.

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Thank you for answering. Well, that is rather troubling not to have the ability to operate the turntable as one cannot turn it on by hand. Any idea why that is not implemted as a fallback?



No idea, will have to wait for Revopoint to answer.

Several other users have been pointing out other ‘issues’ that are showing up in the workflow with the turntable.

Things like: you can’t pause the scan or can’t change orientation of subject to scan all surfaces of it.

Please add ability to control turntable manually via Bluetooth for Mac, andriod and iOS users!!!

Does the turntable work with the IOS app? I already know that the Mac client doesn’t support the turntable (yet). Im now hoping I can at least use my iPhone for my first scan with a Mini, but I dont see any options for the turntable in the iOS app.

Revoteam - please don’t treat Mac users as third class citizens…

I am sorry for the inconvenience. I have forwarded this post to our R&D team. So they might take that into consideration when developing new features. Thanks for your understanding.