Revop Scan not working over WiFi

Revop Scan not working over WiFi connections. Doesn’t matter Android 12 or iOS 16.
If i connect my Mini to OTG (Samsung 10e) or USB to laptop Revoscan is working:

But when i try to connect via WiFi Revo Scan doesn’t see object i want to scan:

What i do wrong?
If i change distans to near or far, nothing changes…

Hi @shatrovmaxim , it looks like your wifi connection do not send any data .

Did you tried the last Android version that I just added to the Starting Points/Download section of the forum ?

Anyway can you please make a test with your Android and iPhone and put a white paper in front of your scanner while in WiFi mode and make screenshot.

I moved your case to Customer Support
So please post the screenshots ASAP and @Revopoint3d-Agnes or @Revopoint3D-Gena will check on you in 10 hours when they start work.

On Windows, I’ve seen the main area be blank after I emptied the Trash to start over even though there is data being displayed in the Depth and Color windows. I am wondering if, maybe, you are encountering the same sort of thing for a different reason.

What happens when you click Start?

Hi, new Android app (3.1.7) not working too(
I record video about scaning white paper, RevoScan start on IPhone (in left bottom corner)

When I start scanning, Mini finds an object for 0.5 seconds and loses it…

Hi @shatrovmaxim , I see sensors do not respond proper in WiFi mode.
Please write an email to including a link to this thread and your forum ID .

They going to help you out as I believe you need a replacement .

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