Revo Studio CD Key "Unable to connect the activate service. (code - 10)

Any idea on what this means or why its happening when I try to generate a license code?


Seems like the service was offline , did you tried again , make sure you are connected to the Internet .

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Also possible is that your Internet connection was down at the time. Did you temporarily reconfigure your network to only connect to the POP? If so, then you need to connect back to your ISP before this will work.

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Thank you everyone for your suggestions.

I have a bit of an update and a suspected culprit:

I tried at home and was able to proceed, suggesting that there may be something with the security settings at my company.

The solution I can think of is to add the website that RevoStudio tries to connect with to our securities “good” list, if anyone knows what it is?

Or is there a way to bypass step 1 when you launch RevoStudio since I already have the key in my email?


No. The License Key gets you a (quite long) code that must be copied and pasted into the proper box in Revo Studio.

I have the key that was emailed to me, I would like to copy & paste it on my work computer.

CDKey is for generating License code, did you generated it already using the CDKey and used the new License Code to activate Revo Studio ? The License Code is valid for 5 installations .

License Code is what you get after generating it using e-mail and CDKey via internet as you tried already.

Yes I did generate the license code.

Now I would like to use that license code on another computer, when I install RevoStudio it asks to enter the CDkey & email agian, I would like to bypass that and simply copy & paste the License Code I have.

If you could just pass the license Code once generated to other devices , the purpose of the CDKey would make no sense as everyone would share the License code with each other.

I know you can generate 5 License Codes using the CDKey + email on a 5 different devices . But each License Code will be unique and linked to each device you installed Revo Studio On .

please send me a cd key

@RJCA there is no CD key

Revo Studio no longer requires CD Keys as did the earlier versions. Make sure you have the most recent version (available here: POP 2 Software Download ).

cd key / give me plz

Read the post above yours. The link will take you to the latest version of Revo Studio that does not require the onerous activation process.

please send me a cd key

Manual involvement no longer needed. Run the installation procedure and execute the program. It should prompt you to provide an email address for registration and that’s where you will receive the activation code.