Revo* Software not starting on Windows 11

I have installed Revoscan and Revostudio on my Lenovo Windows 11 laptop but neither application starts when i click it. Is it supposed to work on Windows 11 ?

It is working on Win11 as I do run both on them on my PC/Tablet

Now question :question: what’s your OpenGL version on your laptop ?
Revo Scan and Studio need no less than OpenGL version 4.0 to start .
If you have 2 graphic cards in your laptop , make sure the programs uses the right one , you can choice it by right click the program icon and choice the proper GPU /Card you want the software to run on .

im using win11 for both revoscan and revostudio, with laptop lenovo e14 ( onboard display), problem is the meshing is soooo slowww on my i5 cpu

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Yes with i5 the meshing is much too slow if you go for maximum , don’t use higher than 5-6
Even on my i7 8th gen Dell tablet/PC the meshing takes too long .

However Revo Scan 5 is coming soon , it is much faster …no need Revo Studios anymore .

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