Revo Scan scanner not connecting

Hi there,
I’ve just openned my new Revoscan POP Scanner. I downloaded the Revo Scan app, and connected the scanner to my Macbook pro (macOS v.12.2.1, Apple chip). I can’t get the scanner to connect, and whenever I click the ‘New Scan’ button it says it’s ‘Searching for scanner’ then comes up with a message about connecting my phone to the wifi (even though I am using my computer).
I tried to download the ‘Revo Scan for Mac’ from the Revo website, but my computer won’t open it because it says it’s out of date and can’t be checked for malicious software.
What am I doing wrong?
Any help or advice gratefully received!
Many thanks,

You need to change the settings in the app to USB , right now it is set for WIFI so it is looking for connection via WiFi . You can use both connections .

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Have you verified that the POP has finished its POST (Power On Self Test) sequence? What color is the LED 20 seconds after power has been applied?

On the Mini I just received I was getting there same issue. I had to plug the power cord into a wall outlet and it showed up.