Revo Scan displays Error 7 while POP 2 reruns POST

If your POP 2 alternates between blue and green, with Revo Scan occasionally displaying “Get frame data error,error code7.Please wait for the camera to restart.”, then the power supply (in this case, one of the USB ports on my laptop) is (probably) marginal.

I’ve been using this particular USB port for months. Anyway, I resolved the problem by connecting to a Revopoint battery and using WiFi.

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Go to your power setting and change it, it helped me a lot and no more issues with USB , now I am using USB for power and data on the same computer using the mobile connector and 2 USB cable extensions in place of one .

Just disable the USB settings to keep the power stable .

I used to have zero issues with USB, and that was when I was running a scanner for, literally, 10 hours at a time.

Now, I do… so I’m thinking that USB port is wearing out from overuse.

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