Revo Scan Desktop Crashing

Hi there,

So far I have just been using the android app to scan, but i want to do some on my desktop to acheive better quality.

Unfortunately, the program keeps crashing mid scan, or when fusing the point cloud. Ive only done a couple of very quick and small scans as tests, so it isn’t like im trying to process a huge scan.

Any ideas what might be the cause? Im on Windows 11 and have MSI Geforce RTX 3060 graphics, i7 9700k processor and 16gb RAM.

Ive tried both USB and wifi connections - (out of interest, is there a difference in scan quality between these two methods?).

Thanks in advance for any help!

Your computer specs are good enough to perform a big scan .

Do you use the last Revo Scan version 4.1.1 ?

No there is not difference in the quality between WiFi or USB …

The difference is between Computer vs mobile app .

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Try running Windows Task Manager or Performance Monitor and see what’s happening while you are trying to scan. If you run out of memory, that will show up. You can also use it to research how much memory is being used by each app instance.

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That should be solved once the new version is released. It’s still under testing. Hopefully, we can publish it within this week.

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Thanks for your reply - good to know there’s no quality impact using wifi, as it is much easier without a cable.

I am on the very latest version from the website, as i downloaded it this week.

Interestingly, i can run it fine on my Dell laptop, so not a massive issue for now. Sounds like it might be something they are planning to resolve with the next release.

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Possible @Daylen
I’m still running on Windows 10 , not much issues on my side.

I’m having those crashes as well. When using Revo Scan it crashes 4 out of 5 times as soon as the fusing is complete. It also happens sometimes while scanning, but not as often as during fusing. Once I had an error message saying that something was wrong in the memory and offered me to use the visual studio debugger. I used wifi and USB cable without noticing any difference. In Revo Calibration it occasionally crashed while calibrating too. The only reliable way to use the scanner is my smartphone right now.
I’m using Windows 10, a Ryzen 9 5950X, 64Gb of RAM. Graphics card was changed after it started crashing, no influence so this is probably not the problem.

Theoretically there is a firmware update for the scanner, but I’m afraid of bricking it. I already tried upgrading it and it crashed right at the beginning, so luckily the scanner is still working.
@Revopoint3d-Selina is there already a release date for the fixed version?

If you use the last NVIDIA graphic card then that may be the issue , sadly there is nothing the team can do about , it is up to NVIDIA to release a proper graphic driver.

While I do have an RTX4090, this can’t be the only reason for the crashes, as I also have crashes on my laptop, which is a couple of years old already. It also has an NVIDIA graphics card, while the CPU is from Intel.

It actually is the issue , if you used the last NVIDIA graphic card driver, it will crash even on your laptop .
I rolled it back and no issues , some users with RTX also switched to a studio driver what also stopped the crashing.

Just try and see for yourself .

Sorry, I misunderstood you. I thought you were referring to the latest NVIDIA graphics card, meaning the RTX4000 series has a problem when using the latest driver. I apologize.

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I have the same issue with my pc running 2080 RTX with the last NVIDIA Driver is there a fix for this problem?

Crashing always when fusiing multiple scans. No issues with single scan. Used updated rtx 3090 drivers and studio drivers and still crashing

my crush when I am in the middle of the scan not when fussing.

Your issue is the last NVIDIA graphic driver if you crashing in the middle of scanning .
Switch to Studio or early graphic card driver to resolve the issue

there is not fix for this issue as that is NVIDIA graphic card driver issue and not Revo Scan software issue. NVIDIA need to fix own drivers.

Can you please be more specific about "fussing multiple scans "? Revo Scan do not fusing multiple scans … maybe you talk about Revo Studio ? and merging multiple scans ?

Fusing the points after 3 scans at different angles

Scanning multiple angles of an object and fusing it can use a lot of resource and can be time consuming .

1.Open Tasks Manger next to Revo Scan and check the RAM usage while fusing of your frames to see if that cause the issue .
The RAM usage should be below 95% while processing at all time , see what is happening while crashing .

If you crashed while fusing your multiple angle scan , you can go to Project List and try to process it there to see if you crash or not again , the process is in background so it don’t use Graphic card resources.

Lem me know the results before next step

Using studio drivers and still crashes when in project list

Then driver has nothing to do with your crashing
I will tag in @Revopoint3D-Gena to check on your technical issues when she is back at work tomorrow evening (EST)