Revo Scan can't find dual axis turntable

Today I wanted to test the dual axis turntable on my HP Z-Book 17G2 with Windows 10 version 21H2. I installed the Revoscan software (selected English in the combobox but all buttons in the setup still keep chinese characters, so 50% chance I selected the correct button to proceed…). Software installed, after that I plugged in the Mini scanner, and got to see that it’s working and scanning. Closed the RevoScan software. Next I switched on the dual axis turntable. The turntable calibrates the tilt-axes in both directions and the LED on the side is blinking. In the bluetooth settings of the laptop it doesn’t appear automatically, but when selecting “Add bluetooth device” and selecting the family of mice, keyboards, digitizers etc. in the list it shows “REVO_DUAL_AXIS_TABLE”. Selected this device and Windows states that it connected to the device. The LED on the turntable doesn’t flash for a second or to after that, but starts blinking again. Starting RevoScan software. According to the manual of the turntable there should be an icon visible of the turntable in the status bar on which you should be able to click and pair the turntable, but I can’t find this icon, let alone pair the turntable.

So far this turntable is quite useless. That makes me think: why make a scanner that connects via USB 3.0 and make a turntable that connects via bluetooth? Why two different communication protocols? What if someones laptop or pc doesn’t support bluetooth? Why not make a few physical buttons on the turntable so it can be operated manually or partially automatic. Why doesn’t the manual of the turntable describe how to pair it with windows (or mac)? Not everyone knows how to do that. In my opinion it was a mistake to ship the dual axis turntable to the customers before the software-development was ready. Now it seems like a rush-job.

But the most important question for Revopoint is: How am I going to make this dual axis turntable work on my pc/laptop?? In this state it’s absolutely useless and a waste of money.

I hope the developers will take a look at this and use my criticism for improvements. Hope to get an answer soon.

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Just to make sure…you are using RevoScan V4.1.0.?

Hi Mikey,

A new Windows version was just released, this supports the turntable.

You first need to upgrade the firmware from this version then it should connect with the dual axis turntable.

I got it working for a while but now it won’t connect anymore.

Hi @Mikey , you did not mentioned nothing about updating of your MINI firmware , as you need to do that to be able to connect the Dual Axis to Revo Scan .

After that the icon will appear here

When you start the new RevoScan V4.1.0 software , while MINI is connected you should have popup window asking you to upgrade the firmware to use the Dual Axis Turntable.

without the firmware update there is no connecting of Dual Axis possible .

Unless, of course, you do not have the Dual Axis Turntable (I don’t, yet). In this case, you will not be prompted to update your firmware for either the Mini or the POP 2.

Okay. thanks for your support. I downloaded the 4.1 version through the link you sent me. Somehow I downloaded the 4.0 software from the download section earlier. Now the software tells me to update the firmware, great. Tried doing this for seven times. The update process should start with downloading the firmware from internet. There’s no progress showing and after a minute I get the warning that it’s unable to download ‘due to abnormal network connection’. I disabled the firewall for a moment but that doesn’t help either. I normally don’t have any problems with downloading stuff, nor have other programs trouble downloading firmware or updates. What could be so difficult in having to download an update/firmware? Tried to connect via a VPN service and now it’s downloading finally…

The upgrade process runs to about 50% and then stalls. It remains on 50% for at least 5 minutes, then the update process restarts and repeats this, now for the third time…After the fourth time or so the message appeared that the update process was abnormal and that I ‘have to check if everything is working and try to update again’.

Restarted my laptop, started the RevoScan app and retried all of the above. Still the update keeps stalling at 50%…

Please advise.

My reply was to someone that owns Dual Axis , the tread is also about Dual Axis so what the point of your reply ?
It was already mentioned 100 times it is not yet working with POP2 .
Tell that to the people that needs this info not me . I am good .

I have the same problem.
Firmware updated.
Dual axis paired in with windows (not connected), unable to find it in revoscan.

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@Mikey at this point you will need to wait for a reply from @Revopoint3d-Selina or @Revopoint3D-Gena as that is technical issue here that can’t be resolved in the forum .

You have a little different problem here , definitely not the same .

Did you restart everything after firmware upgrade including the Dual Axis Turntable? Unpaired and Paired it again , connect MINi then start Revo Scan , click the Dual Axis turntable icon , find your device and connect it .


Try that

Maybe I should post this in another Forum-Post. Retried the update on another computer, desktop pc also running Win 10 with the latest updates. Exactly the same problem on this machine; downloading the firmware doesn’t work, tried four times. Then I started a VPN service, after that the download completed. Then starting the update (step 2 of 2) which progresses to 50%, then stalls, message telling me the update was abnormal and I have to retry. Then this cycle repeats. It has cost me over 4 hours to get to this point and still no working scanner and turntable…

Please try the new test version of Revo Scan in this post.

If it’s not working, please contact us to have an online meeting.

Please follow the new link and install the new software , other than from yesterday .

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i tried many times without success

The point of my reply was to augment the information available to anyone who reads this thread (that point being that you will not be prompted to update your firmware if you do not have the Dual Axis Turntable connected).

Didn’t you pay attention?

Not related to anything here , the user I replied to have the Dual Axis , so very pointless reply of yours as usual . Especially replying to me . Make zero sense .

Hi Selina, thanks for your reply.

Downloaded the testversion and installed it (after completely uninstalling the previous version). The step you describe “Unplug the dual-axis turntable,…, and press the switch key 10 times”, does this apply to both the turntable as well as the scanner? Because in the mentioned video the switch of the scanner is pressed several times. Very, very confusing this procedure is. Anyway, tried pressing the scanner button 10 times (like in the video), and restarted the Revoscan software. The update is downloaded, and started, very slowly it crawls to about 25%, after that it shoots to 50% and there it’s stuck again for almost 10 minutes or so. After that the update procedure restarts with the same result, over and over again.

I’d rather wait some hours/days for a solid update-procedure to be released than a shoot-and-miss or quick-and-dirty test protocol like this seems to be at the moment. Also the download stability of the firmware is something that must be improved; the third time I initiated the update process, the download stalled at 70%… Maybe it’s an improvement to have the software download the new firmware, just once. Then next time starting the software check if the downloaded version is the latest, so it doesn’t need to download it again, and again, and again. Also suggesting a ‘manual download’ of the firmware, and a button in the Revoscan software in the ‘Help’-menu for updating manually of having the software do it automatically.

she mistaken, it should be the scanner not the turntable to be clicked 10 times , there is no firmware update of the turntable happening while the process , only MINI firmware.

I have the same problem. I haven’t tried this yet but maybe turn off virus scanner to connect

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