Revo Scan 4.1: Scan problem with Dual Axis Turntable scanning two sides of an object

how should I proceed with the turntable if I have scanned an object and also want to scan the bottom side? The pause button, which I would need for reorienting the object, cannot be activated.
Thanks for your answers in advance!
Regards Frank

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You can’t scan the bottom in the same scanning session using Dual Axis turntable , you will need to run another session and later merge it in Revo Studio .

As the name says , Dual Axis allows you to scan 2 positions at once so you have only 2 scans to merge later in place of 3 .

Of course it would be better if we could just pause the scan and change position and run the sequence again , but at this moment it don’t works this way , hopefully it will change in the future .

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Yes you can if you are fast. Program a 4 turns scan and move objet on the last one. Pause button is not yet available, waiting for an update…
But i made it ! Scanner Revopoint Mini - YouTube

You can’t pause it , and that was my answer to the question .
You lucky you got alignment, with more complex object it will be not so easy .

Anyway , if you try tricks like that , start scanning when the model is on the side first , then at the end let it stand straight, you will get quicker alignment of the frames and lower chance of losing tracking .

Also you distance was at 20 cm , remember you losing half of the sharpness , set you distance at 10 cm for best resolution , especially for very small objects . Distance with MINI is critical for the quality since the range is very short

I scan with MINI and dual Axis for almost 4 months now , but my own Dual Axis can be paused since it is controlled by remote control.