Revo powerbank handle

Like JJCHACON, I thought it would be a good idea to make a powerbank handle for the scanner, so I knocked up a printable holder with a camera screw on the top. This screws into the camera clip.

The holder takes the ubiquitous single 18650 charger module out of a Poundland powerbank and either the 18650 battery or, as in my case, a couple of recycled vape batteries that between them deliver 3000mAh - enough to keep scanning for, oh, I don’t know, ages! If you use more than one cell, don’t forget to wire them in parallel, not series as you need 4v not 8v into the charger module.

Also, glue the top to the bottom or put in a little screw to stop the two bits separating in use and dropping your expensive scanner on the floor.

More info here at Printables Scanner powerhandle