Remote Desktop apps?

There are many, many Remote Desktop applications that will allow a Windows computer to mirror its display on an Android smartphone and allow the phone to control the computer. Some of them are even suitable for gaming.

What I would like to do is put the POP, smartphone and battery in the Ultimate Mobile Kit, connect the POP scanner to my laptop via Hotspot and mirror the HandyScan window to my smartphone. Yes, I know my smartphone has its own HandyScan app, but everything works better on my laptop with the faster CPU and larger memory.

Here’s the thing… the POP connects to my laptop using a Hotspot, but the smartphone would use WiFi to mirror the laptop’s display.

Has anyone experimented with this setup? Or should I just connect the POP via a longer USB cable so that I can use standard WiFi to mirror the display?

It’ll work. I’ve tried it with Chrome Remote Desktop.

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With USB or WiFi?

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WiFi. But the POP and PC need to be able to see each other on the same network connection. If you hotspot you phone, I don’t think that’ll work because typically, phone hotspots don’t let devices see each other.

I have tried this a few different ways.

The best result is to have the POP connect to the PC as a hotsot. Then I use Splashtop to connect my phone to the pc over my wifi network. Splashtop gives good control of Handy Scan and provided an easy remote screen to the PC.
When I tried using the POP to the wifi network I found dropouts do to the limited power of the POP wifi system. So its range was not that good.

You can do it, but you are going to need to have wifi working in a access point mode.
So, if you add a mobile hotspot to your mix (with or without a mobile connection active) you can do it.
However, I doubt that the quality of running it through a desktop is better than using the mobile app.