Received my POP Scanner - But


Received my POP scanner / Turntable etc on Fedex today, thanks very much :slight_smile:

Installed the latest App from your website on my phone (Samsung Galaxy S10+) and on my PC. Connected the POP to my phone with the USB C cable, and it asked permission to use the POP, said yes, the preview of the cameras came up then it immediately quit the program. Cannot get it to run at all, does the same thing every time.

Quick start guide link from the download page, is broken - just FYI.

Powered the POP off a USB battery bank, and then did the NET connection via AP to my phones WIFI, that works.

Haven’t tried my PC yet.

Why is the direct connection to my phone not working? Lack of power? If so, if my ‘flagship’ Samsung cannot do this, what phone was it designed for?

Is it possible to connect to PC over Wifi too, without killing my PC’s WiFi to the router? Having to connect to POP is a bit of a pain, it would be nice if the POP could be connected to the WiFi Router instead, is there a way? Reason I ask is due to there being no suitable place to do scans next to my PC, its all too ‘busy’. Having it a few meters away would be ideal, hence the NET connection, but dont want to have to get my PC off the router internet to then connect to the dedicated POP just to do the scan, seems backwards.

Read the instructions a few times and did a few scans of the white head/bust included in the box, and the first few attempts did not go well at all. Looked through the instructions and the setting of the gains/brightness of the 2 left most cameras (in the App) is really unclear what it should look like to get best results. Really needs more instructions I feel, unless I am missing a document… Cant seem to find any video help, but I havent looked very hard yet.

Look forward to hearing from you


Found a Video review from 3 months ago

6 minutes in, joining to his phone, that is exactly what mine is doing too…

Hey i also have this issue samsung s20 ultra 5g

@WanaGo it depend on hope much power your phone can give to otg.
The pop ask a lot of power, and it’s not because you have a samsung overpriced thing that he can do that.

@Zoltan3D thought so too, but I have a USB-C adaptor which has another USB-C and a USB-A (3.0) on it, so you can connect a Battery Bank to the other USB-C, and then connect the camera to the USB-A. And it still crashes in the same way, even with external power.
So I don’t believe its a lack of power thing, something else is going on.

It’s not because you can plug something in an USB C adapter that the adapter will give power in both ways, to the phone and the Pop.
If you plug the power bank to the adapter and to the pop without the phone, the pop power on?

@Zoltan3D Yes. Plug power bank into adaptor, and adaptor into POP, the POP powers on. Plug in Phone, phone also starts charging, POP still powered on. Try to connect to POP with Phone over the USB, and it fails immediately.
Identical failure to if the POP is directly connected.
I even disabled charging on the phone, and it still fails in the same way.

The phone ask you if you want they can use the pop?

@Zoltan3D yes, it asks permission, then image on RGB sensor shows for a moment then the app quits.

Hi WanaGo,

After discussing with engineer team, we find that @Zoltan3D is right.
This is because some phones don’t support high-current power supply to external devices. For these devices’ users, we suggest that you can use Net mode. Net mode is very convenient too.
Our engineer tested some devices, and found that Samsung & Sony phones are not supported, while HUAWEI Mate & P series & Nova series, Xiaomi phones usually support USB Mode of POP. (We just tested several models, so this is not all phones’ result)
If some backers really want to use USB mode, we can develop and release an accessory called mobile box on Amazon in May, and we can offer discount for POP backers.(Just an idea, not final decision)
So who need such kind of mobile box can reply me, we will check and consider.

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Hi! If you develop such “mobile box” please enable the possibility to be able to charge the phone simultaneously. thx!

Hi Cassie,

But that doesn’t explain why it then doesn’t work when you use a USB-C splitter and have a battery bank connected and the phone, as the battery bank is powering the POP, and also charging the phone, yet the app still crashes exactly the same way…

Also you mentioned Amazon. Amazon doesn’t ship to all countries, such as where I am 99% of the products it sells wont ship here, I am not in the USA. But still I am unsure how this Mobile Box will be any different than a USB-C splitter, please can you explain?

Splitting the connection between 2 devices does not give the full power to each it gives less than half. Most battery packs (ones I have anyway) will have 2 ports or more on them and mostly only 1 high power port and one (or more) lower power. Try the high power port for your pop and the lower one for your phone. I have seen this happen with working on computers when people try and split the connection to get more items to charge…it doesn’t work that way.

If you have a high power port, make sure it has the power requirements for the pop - I do not have mine yet so i can’t test on my external battery packs.

@KnightRid Sorry I think you missed the part where I am trying to connect the POP to my phone over a USB connection, not just powering the POP and charging the phone off a common power bank and using the NET connection.
You don’t get the USB signals going via the power bank.
I have 4 or so power banks, the one I am using currently is 5V3A to one port, and 5V2A to the other, but this is irrelevant as plugging the POP into one and my phone into the other is not the issue here. I’m trying to get a USB connection from POP to phone, and attempting to have a powerbank in the mix to boost the power going to the POP so the USB link works, but so far USB-C splitters are not working when they should despite there is more than enough current supply from the battery bank to supply both the phone and the POP at the same time, yet the app crashes in the same way as having no power bank in the system at all.

I know what you mean. The problem is when you connect your phone to the power bank, how can you connect it to the POP?
For the mobile box, you can check the description of this kit: [Pre-sale]Super Mobile Kit For POP – Revopoint 3D Technologies Inc.

@Revopoint3D-Cassie Yes I have seen the Mobile Kit page, I just dont see how its any different than a standard splitter.

Here are 2 I have tried already:


As mentioned already, plugging in just the Powerbank and the POP, the POP is powered. Plugging in the Phone too, the Phone is then charging too, as well as POP powered. Connect the software to the POP and it quits immediately after connection - same result as just having the POP directly connected to the Phone. So how is the Mobile Kit any different?

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After having read down this far the first thing I was going to recommend was @WanaGo making a visual diagram to explain things, as it seemed they weren’t being understood. I hope you do get an answer too, because I am looking forward to using my own scanner and I have a Samsung Note 9 - so if you are having troubles I might too. Though if I don’t it almost certainly means it’s not a power issue.

I am really curious to find out what is actually causing this also as I have the 10+ also. My POP has shipped it says but might take a week or so to get here so I will try some things when I get mine also.

You can try changing the USB settings from “charging only” to one of the other options or vice versa. You may have to be using the samsung usb cable to have the options available.

Backed this project for mobile reasons. I think its unreasonable to charge early backers for something that should work out of the box with out having to buy additional parts to make it work.

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Hi, after checking your images, I think your power bank just provide the power, not transfer data, right?
For the Mobile box, it not only provides power, but also transfer data. One cable is connected to the mobile phone to transmit data, the other cable is used for power supply. I think this is the mainly difference.