Range Lost in transit in Peterborough UK

anyone had there Range go missing while in transit?

mine made a very slow journey through customs then nothing for 10 days then yesterday it said Lost at Peterborough on the 26th.

Please contact the customer service at customer@revopoint3d.com ASAP to resolve this issue .
You can also open dispute by your local carrier that lost your package but pls inform Revopoint about so they can take action .

Sorry to hear that Adam , it happened to me last year , UPS lost my package with scanner and never found it , hopefully they can recover it in your case and if not you going to get replacement so don’t wait and take quick action .

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already sent them screen shots of tracking. apparently there on holiday at least this weekend.

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That’s very good , yes the logistic team is also on holidays I think until tomorrow if I remember good .

You can report lost package by your carrier as well just to give them some boost and attention . How faster your carrier response to it how faster Revopoint going to take action on it with eventual replacement, hopefully they find it faster and deliver … crossing my fingers :crossed_fingers:

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im not sure how to contact the courier as its Amazon Logistics and they dont have contact details it seems.

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im kinda hoping its a miss report by the courier but i know stuff frequently goes missing/stolen by couriers in the UK.

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Oh Amazon logistic , ok then Revopoint will handle it for you . I will tag @Revopoint3D-Gena just for an extra attention on this .

I just got stolen my Amazon packages by Amazon driver , he took picture then take it back with him , lucky me, my doorbell camera was rolling .

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not heard anything. both tracking sites still show as lost.

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I forgot Revopoint is on May Labour Day Holidays so the logistic team is not in the office I think they are on 5 days holidays if I remember good so should be back by Wednesday .

i hope so im starting to get a bit peeved. been chasing this since last week and when the tracking updated on Sunday to say theyd lost it i was not impressed. it was supposed to be delivered on the 21st April according to the tracking, but revo said on the 25th it had just cleared customs and should update on tracking the next day. well it didnt until the 30th. why have a arrival date in the UK of the 18th April and then a delivery date of 21st and then silence and not think it might be theyve lost it.

Not at all Adam., l really hate when things like that happens , it not nothing more frustrating than waiting for your delivery .
Amazon not working well here either the last day but finally I got all my stuff today .

The Holidays started on April 29 and you know they taking their days off very serious.

Sorry I wish I could do more for you here , but everything else is out of my reach at this moment until they are back in the office .

It is just unfortunate events for you … and I can relate.

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theyve got back to me and apparently amazon had sent it back to Revopoint. they are trying to find out why. the address is correct so im not sure whats going on. ive replied this morning but maybe they have finished for the day in China.

Yes they are back in office , NYC Time 9PM-6AM - Beijing Time 9AM-6PM

I hope you get your replacement shipping first .

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Oh the pain.

They sent another one out and the courier tried to deliver to my work address, which I’d ask for, but they’ve tried on a Saturday.

Now the courier, same one that sent the last one back or lost it, looks like there trying to return this one.

It is probably difficult at the moment as we’ve had so many bank holidays. But are the couriers really that dim that they don’t realise things are closed on weekends and bank holidays.

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Oh Lord :anguished:

They probably did not know it was work address , if you keeps your home address you would enjoy it already , but who knows it would be Saturday … that’s a bad luck Adam .
Why they don’t redeliver it on Monday as they should ? Or leave at Amazon pickup location ?

3 times the charm , :crossed_fingers: my fingers

I had my work address set as that’s where I am during the week. I have no contact so can’t ask them to deliver to my home or a pickup point, I wonder if that’s even something they can do as it’s like revo are just using Amazon as a shipper.

I hope they don’t try on Monday as it’s a bank holiday so work is closed.

It is just going out from Amazon warehouse so not much control over the details I guess .

@Cypher Please email customer@revopoint3d.com or just call us at +1 (888) 807-3339, don’t worry, we will help to solve this problem.

I’ve been emailing Revo back and forth over this weekend, think Mia said they can’t contact shipper. I guess I’ll have to see if it goes out for delivery tomorrow or ends up back in Germany.

@Cypher Ok, Mia will handle it. Just don’t worry, if the package returns back, we will confirm your address and resend it, please wait for Mia’s reply.