Range 1: not enough tracking points

It’s been a while since I used the Range and I wanted to experiment with scanning myself using the large turntable. Just sitting on it. Using the latest Android app I don’t see any scan data, only the color video. As soon as I press Start it says there’s not enough tracking points. No matter what I point it at and what distance. Is there maybe a firmware update or something? Maybe it needs to be calibrated?

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Hi @Philnolan3d

Do you mean that there is no point cloud or image in the preview window? Is this window black?

Yeah, it’s just blank. When I try to start the scan a yellow messages box saying “not enough tracking points found” or something similar.

Please help me get 42 images to do the final confirmation.

Please follow the steps below, for Windows OS only:

Please download and unzip the folder get_image.zip to your computer.

Do not open the software. Plug in the scanner to your computer and wait until the green light turns on. Do not open the software, then, point the scanner at a white wall or any white object.
Open folder get_image, double-click on the get_image.bat file and wait patiently for 5 minutes. 42 images will be generated automatically in the folder get_image.

Please pack and send me these 42 images.

Here are the 42 images.

I tried it on PC as well and got both color and depth cameras but no point cloud.

ok, we will check this for you. I sent you a request to open access, can you help approve it?

Oh I’m sorry, I don’t know what you mean by “a request to open access”. I don’t see any email from you if that’s what you mean.

hi I mean I don’t have permission to view this file, then I’ve sent request acces and you should get an email to open the permissions for me.

Oh I’m sorry I gave permission now. Dropbox doesn’t usually ask for that.

Ok, thank you, now I can open it.

Hi, we have checked the 48 images you provided and indeed found that there is a defect in the camera. Please send an email to contact our customer service at customer@revopoint3d.com, and they will arrange for a replacement machine for you. Please mention in the email that “Gena confirmed RANGE defective”.

Thank you I’ll do that.

Hi Jane, the replacement arrived. However it is the Range 2 when my problem was with the Range 1. I would be happy to review the Range 2 as I did with most of the other scanners. But just be aware that it’s the Range 1 I’ll be sending back when I get the shipping label.

Ok. I’m glad you received the replacement. You can contact our customer service if you have any problems with the RANGE return process, they will help you. Looking forward to your RANGE 2 review.

Hi, I have problem with black screen in preview section of Revo Scan. Range getting data, but I can’t see anything in
software. In Revo app there is no problem. I can see preview.
How to fix problem on my laptop? I was trying all options, I also reinstall software. Problem still exists.

Please wait a moment and I will check this out for you.

Please follow this step-by-step process to troubleshoot and see if it solves your problem.