Question about Firmware update


I have scanners POP, POP2, Mini and now also Range.

According to point 1 in the release notes of Revo Scan 5.0.7 there should be " support for scanner firmware upgrades" but i can’t see any button or anything to check for firmware updates, like in Revo Scan 4.x, i can see what firmware i have but how can i check for updates, in Revo Scan 5.0.7?

Another question along the same line:
Is there any place, here on the forum or elsewhere, where i can check what is the latest firmware available for the different Revopoint scanners, to make sure i have the latest or older firmware?


Support is added but not new firmware are yet released .

There is none , but I will let you know later today.

Thanks for your answer.

Good that support is added but how is it supposed to work since there is no button to press for checking if new firmware is available?
Or is it automatic so that it notifies the user when an update is available?

Automatic update notification would be useful for Revo Scan itself… :wink:

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@Tomme it will automatic inform you about future updates including the software updates as well . Still work in progress .

You can check if you have outdated firmware version by checking it using RS4.3.1 , if yes you can still update your firmware using RS4.3.1 as I did 2 days ago updating one of my oldest device that I did not used for some time .

The new upcoming RS5 build is in final testing faze and will be available to download soon

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Ok, looking forward to the future then. :slight_smile:

B.t.w. when checking my Range in RS4.3.1 the Firmware Update button is greyed out, it does not seem to support firmware updates in Range fully, when checking with my POP2 or Mini, the button is available and checking tells me they have the latest firmware.

Guess we have to wait until it is available in RS5.x. to get updates for Range.

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Range is not supported by RS4.3.1 and there are currently no firmware updates , you have the last one .

If there are any new firmware updates in the future for Range then it will be only via RS5 , so yes you are correct on this one .

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Thanks…Its my first comment on this forum…i have placed order for POP3… Reading this post am i right that with the same microcontroller-hardware we can introduce features as well as quality via upgrading the Firmware?

Hi @Khalid

Periodically there are firmware updates via the software as I got 2 days ago for POP3 that improve the functionality or add some new features.

The quality and accuracy is determined by the hardware and can’t be changed with an update of firmware , that include the DLP projector and the Optical sensors that are responsible of the final accuracy .

Thanks…it makes sense now :slight_smile:

Has the firmware update been released to the hoi polloi? I cannot find an Update button, gray or otherwise, in Revo Scan 5.2.3 for the POP 3.

If there is a firmware update a window will pop up to update your device automatic .
It only can happen if you using your device via USB and your computer is connected to Internet at the moment of opening Revo Scan .