Problems with Texture Mapping Alignment

I’m having an issue with the alignment of the texture maps. When I export the point cloud before meshing, the point colors are correct. When I export the mesh after meshing and texture mapping, the map alignment is incorrect.

I have imported the texture mapped model into three applications to make sure that it was not a downstream problem.

Here is the model in 3DS Max:


This is the point cloud in MeshLab:

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This is the texture-mapped mesh in MeshLab:

Sorry! This was supposed to go in the Support Forum!

Hi @ZoltanTheZ

Nice to meet you!

Yes, this forum is an official platform for users to find solutions to their problems and share showcases and proposals. So you can get support here.

For the texture issue, we’re optimizing it now. At this period, we can prioritize the users concerned about textures to do the firmware upgrade. If you want to join, please let us know.

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Hi Cassie!
I am very interested on that firmware update.Can you please let me/us know what changes with new firmware and advise me/us how to upgrade the firmware. Thanks!

Hi @ivan

Glad to hear from you that you also have interested to test new firmware, thank you for your support.

Since the firmware update is still in internal testing, I’m not getting the confirmed details at this moment. But I will let you know once I learn more info from the product team.

Besides, after discussing with our product team, considering the risk during the upgrading process - a failure upgrade may make the POP not work anymore. Therefore, at this period, we prefer to provide the upgrade chance to only you two firstly, hope other users can wait for more days for us to do more internal testing until it’s more stable to upgrade.

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@Revopoint3D-Cassie @Revopoint3d-Vivian I’m having the same issue as @ZoltanTheZ The texture mapping looks beautiful in Handy Scan / Handy Studio, but I have no idea how to get textures to line up with the exported .obj models (for example, in Blender). Is this still a known bug, or are there settings or workarounds I should know about? Thanks!

@Revopoint3D-Cassie @Revopoint3d-Vivian @Revopoint3D-Gena @Revopoint3D-Madison @Revopoint3D-Brea It would be great to have a response to this issue. Currently preventing me from using the device in the way that I need. Thank you very much.

I have done some more testing with version, and I have found the cause of the issue.

  • If you take a single capture, the textures are applied correctly.
  • If you Pause and Start the capture, the textures are applied correctly.
  • If you Stop, Complete, and Start the capture, the textures are not applied correctly.

When I say that the texture is applied correctly, it is a bit generalized, since there are still lots of errors where parts of the texture do not align well with the geometry.

Hi @Steverino

Sorry so much for my late reply. I missed this post before.

I need some time to discuss with our developers, and will reply to you as soon as possible.

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Thank you, @Revopoint3D-Cassie ! I’m really happy with the quality of the scans, only thing missing is accurate texture alignment. Hoping for good news soon :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @Steverino @ZoltanTheZ,

After discussing, the analysis from @ZoltanTheZ is correct. It is a bug in our current software. If you stop, complete, and start the capture, if the existing scanned texture is not entirely, they will not be applied correctly.

For this problem, we will improve it in the future version.

Btw, please kindly check the PM in the inbox. Thank you.

Best Regards

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Thanks, @Revopoint3D-Cassie – I responded to the PM!

Hi! Did you ever get this sorted out? I’m on the latest software and firmware but for the life of me can’t figure out how to get textures lined up correctly with my models outside of HandyScan / HandyStudio…

I wanted to post an update here as I’ve learned some things since originally raising this issue. What I find is that if I do any correction (smoothing, filling holes) in HandyStudio before bringing in the models to another program (like Blender), the textures are all misaligned… which actually makes total sense now that I realize my mistake. In other words, if I don’t do any processing on the scanned model, the texture lines up perfectly. So maybe all of my worries and posts were for nothing. Sorry about that!

Can you explain how do you map the jpg in the export to the OBJ or PLY please?