Problems with connecting the turntable

I have problems in conneting the turntable. I can see the device in the bluetooth settings of my labtop, but the scan software does not find the turntable. I tried it also with my other computer, but had the same problem.
Can someone help.


Hi @Trondur
What computer’s OS you are using ?
What’s the name of the turntable you see under your Bluetooth on your laptop ?

You know that you can connect the turntable via computer Bluetooth, or via MINi Bluetooth. So try connecting to your computer and having your MINI connected to your Revo Scan software try to find it in the software , if nothing then unpair it from the laptop and try to find it via the Revo Scan software while your Mini is on and connected as well .

Do you see turntable icon on the bottom right of your screen when you connect the MINI ?
Please let me know the name you see under Bluetooth of the turntable .


Thanks you for your fast response.

The name of the turntable as I see it when connected top them Laptop via Bluetooth ist REVO_DUAL_AXIS_TABLE.

I can connect the device top them Laptop, cannot see it in the Revo Scan Software. Searching in the Software does Not display any device. I can see the turntable Icon in the Software. When opening the window, I cannot change any settings. So, I think that it is not connected to the Software.

I am using MS Windows.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Best regards,
Ingo (Trondur)

If you see the name above it means it is the right one so very good .

Look at this portion of documentation

You can download the full one from here :

So far everything you said looks like the way it should .

Please make sure you have the last software version since updates was made in the last days so for Windows look for Revo Scan version 4.3 , you can find it under Starting point/ Download in the forum .

Let me know if you have it installed

Dear all,

I unfortunatelly am still not able to onnet the turntable. I had the correct version of the software, butI deinstalled it and installed it again. But, I still cannot onnet the turntable to the software aas desribed in the manual or in videos.


Hi Ingo , sorry to hear that , please write email to , please include the link to this thread and your forum ID explaining briefly your problem and that you followed everything as suggested but without success .

Revopoint team is on holidays until Jan 29 Beijing time . But the customer support may help you more with it .

That’s all I can do here for you in the forum .

I am moving your thread to Customer Services now .

If you have android phone or tablet you could try this app just to be sure it is a turntable device problem
Turn on Bluetooth before opening the app works best

If it works with the app its probably not a turntable problem, you can do automated control with the app

Hi Jonathan,

the App works perfectly. I still get o connection with the software.


Apart of the official app “Dual-axis Turntable R.C.” from Revo and the community app “Datt Controller” for Android are there any other possibilities for users with a Pop 2?

I hoped that a newer version of Revo Scan for Windows would bring support for the Dual-Axis Turntable to the software. But until now no luck. What are the plans at Revopoint? When will you support the Dual-Axis Turntable together with Pop 2?

Hi @flotux I can’t answer you the question at this moment , however I heard from the that they plan to unlink the Turntable from the scanners so it can be used on it’s own with the software only via the computer Bluetooth only , what would be of course ideal.

I know also that a big update version of Revo Scan is coming , it may provide the solution .

I will know more details once the rest of the team is back from Holidays around Ja.29-30

Right now you can use POP2 or any other scanner with

2 Android apps
And 1 Browser application app created bu our forum users

All can be download from the forum .
Sorry on the phone right now , don’t have the direct link.