Problem of scan

Good morning, I want to kow if is possible solve this problem…
after a scan if I don’t check very well the scan
sometimes happend this

There is a way to solve at home???
May be have the possibility to come back one or two step onto the scan…
or may be select a zone and say to revostudio this part is out of allignement…
the selected part repositioning… like join surface…

let me know
Many thanks…

You need to pay attention while scanning , if things like that happen you need to pause and delete the frames that got aligned wrong , in most cases it is because of shaking or moving too fast or if you reached higher level of frames on your android what get slower as the RAM declines, plus if you use a phone or via WiFi the speed of the frames decrease to 12fps .
Scanning with mobile devices is possible but the performance is not optimal .we dealing here with a lot of data to has to be processed fast in real time , one slow down of your android device and errors accures .

Try steady and slower next time paying attention to the frame alignment, you dealing here with huge scan size after all .

Normally this is overlapped frame and easy to fix with batch processing , but since you used Android , there is no way to automatic clean it up .
Try Cloud Compare , it have good tools to automatic clean up the errors .

You can check my tutorial [Tutorial] How to use Cloud Compare to clean up your messy point cloud/scan data - #21 by fwire

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