Problem in calibration POP 2

Hi, I have a pproblem in calibration POP2
When I arrive at 13/23 step in calibration process (13/to the next step_
23 more or less) the red square pointed to the fove big dots says “Horizontal” and show a white dotted line on the over the red horizontal line .
I assume I must ser the device planar but whatever I do it keep on saying “Horizontal” and doesn’t go to the next step.
Where is the problem?

This has been a continuing problem for many users. The problem seems to be that the scanner is not as stationary as it should be for the proper reading.

I have read one post that the user got good results by sitting on the stairs and resting his elbows on his knees to stabilize the scanner while the calibration pad was on a lower stair step.

Good luck!

Try to tilt it slightly forward or backwards , make sure the table is leveled and proper lighting , calibration for me working better close to the window light , if is too dark you may run in troubles .

it is same process when you capture checks via your phone for mobile deposit , the calibration need to take a picture of each camera lens when your device is in perfect position to compare it later between left and right depth camera to align them proper and the horizontal line corresponding with the big dots is a key . If the board is not leveled you may have issues with the horizontal line .