Position of POP during scan

My question concerns the position of the POP scanner during operation.
If the scanner is ‘‘looking’’ straight forward to the object to scan, so from a horizontal postion of the scanner, will it work well if the scanner is rotated (turned around) by 90 degrees, e.g. clockwise?

I try to improve the scan inside vertical cleaves, to find cloud points deeper inside.

Could you explain this clear to me? What is the difference to POP2, who would have a stabilizing feature inside now.

Regards, Johan

The POP uses Binocular Structured Light, with 2 sensors bracketing the Laser that emits the pattern used as a reference.

Because of this, it is difficult to scan holes and other features that block the sensors from seeing the projected pattern.

It could be useful to scan from a greater distance to “see” deeper into the hole.

Depending on the features you are trying to scan, yes… rotating the POP or the object by 90° can improve the results.

Another hint is that straight edges are best captured when the imaginary line between the sensors is parallel to the edge that you are scanning. Of course, the orientation can change (straight above, slightly to one side, etc.) to grab more detail around the edges.