Pop2 works with ipad pro file not saving

I am using pop2 on ipad pro to connect and scan. But the file is not saving, how to fix the problem?

When you click the Export button, what happens?

nothing to export because it doesn’t save anything to the project at all.

Hhmmm… can you make a video of the screen action showing what you do? This will help Revopoint tech support help you.

Also, what is your computer and operating system?


I have attached the vdo link and it works fine on the computer.

Hhmmm… your video doesn’t seem to show the entire screen. Granted, the UI in Windows is slightly different than on your iOS layout (the Fuse and Mesh buttons are under the Stop button on the right side in Windows) and, more importantly, the Export button is under the Trashcan button. I do not see an Export button on your screen cap.

Can’t even confirm what the Export button would look like on iOS (maybe it’s the circular thing under the Start/Pause button).

There is not export button in this app , it is mobile app Jeff , like on Android .
Projects are not saved on mobile apps , if you do not Fuze or mesh your object , there will be no share option under projects , as that is where you should go @utopia to export ( share) your obj .

Go to My projects on your app and you will find share option there … then you can send it to to your email . Or connect your phone to your computer and you can find fuse.obj and mesh.obj under each project of your scanning sessions.
If you did not fused or mesh your model there will be no share option under projects .

Mobile apps only use virtual memories to process the files, there is not cache for data .
It was there before , but people complaining about space taken by the app , and now it is not .

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please help me It works fine on the computer. but working on ipad It can connect, scan, but cannot save files. Even though I’ve tried all methods

Hi, as @PopUpTheVolume mentioned above, there is no any “export” button in the ios version but “share”. Do you mean you can not share(export) the project?

It save files automatic , just make sure you fused your scan or meshed it before .

Projects on mobile apps do not include the whole cache , you can export only fuse point cloud or mesh . ( If you fused or meshed it before )
Please check your project folder on your iPad and there should be the share option , you can also connect your iPad to computer and manually access the project folder for the files .

Revo Scan automatic saving everything , no matter on mobile or computer, so even if you forgot to save or crashed before saving , all files will be there under your project files .

I understand the work and its steps But the problem is that it doesn’t save anything on the iPad but on the computer it works fine.

Not even fuse or mesh in your project folder ? if that was the case you can’t mesh anything either .
Point cloud data is saved automatically when you click the FUSE button in your app .

@Revopoint3d-Vivian need to look into as that is not normal behavior , meshes are generated from fuse.ply or fuse.obj so it need to be saved to be able to process to meshing .

yes it has a problem You can check from this video.

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Yes I see , huge problem @Utopia it don’t save anything not even the project folders , you are right … @Revopoint3d-Vivian need to check it out ASAP

Hi, Utopia - I have taken note of this and will get back to you. Best Regards

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