Pop2 scanning a plastic part

So here I go!
Photo of the object I’d like to scan.

Screencapture of what I get after fusing pointclouds.

No direct sunlight.
Depth Camera showing not too much red and not too much blu…
Black background for the object to sit on.
Feature, head, dark… all kind of combinations.

What I see here is tracking issue , I believe you used manually POP2 and not turntable , you need to use markers that came with your POP2 stick them in an an uneven pattern and use the marker mode to scan it .

I got myself bigger turntable if the size is bigger for easy capture larger objects . have no idea what size of the object is, you should be able to see it in the Depth Cam preview while scanning . You should be able to scan it without issue using marker mode .

I scan the 2 objects on bigger turntable in Body mode - no markers

Thanks PUTV!
Size is approx 170 by 110 mm
I’ll try marker mode.
I’m fearing that turntable is the only way to go… yet another limitation as I was planning to scan larger objects that can not fit on it.

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I know , that was my first thing I purchased , bigger turntable and I was able to scan 2 meters objects , but the object you trying to scan still can fit on it .

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Super-valuable info. Much appreciated!