Pop2 scan freezing [SOLVED]

Pop2 was workin fine until today. All is normal untill I push the scan arrow. In preview mode model is turning and adjusting lighting and distance work fine. Go to scan mode, set scan type, click ok and all seems normal with image turning on the turn table. Click the scan arrow and image freezes and no file is started.

No really idea what is going on , since I never experienced this issue before .
I recommend to install the latest software , I don’t know what software you use or if you use phone or computer as you did not provided details , so please do that .

I moved your thread to customer support , but due to holidays the customer support only works via email at this moment until Jan.29
You can also write email to customer@revopoint3d.com link the thread and mention forum ID but since the dev.tesm is on holidays I am not sure if you get the proper response to your issue .

Try to install the new version of the software since all software was updated recently for all OS

Using thinkpad windows 10. Tried both wifi and usb. Both would work previosly. Strange that it was working fine untill today. Stranger still that every thing is normal untill i push scan then every thing freezes.

Installed new software and all seems great now. Very strange! Thank you once again!

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It is possible that there was some conflicts and the software updated the missed component.
I am glad to hear it works for you .