POP2 - PUTV 3D Models Showcase Progress & Tips

I would suggest you use the official one before the last beta , as the Texturing was fixed for both MINI and PoP2 to a acceptable results .

I use old one only if I need a proper point cloud , but you will not find it anymore in the forum .

I don’t have the build number right now under my hand , but once I am at my PC I will type it for you .

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@RichardWren I checked the most all software , and with the new algorithms the best performance was
Screenshot 2022-09-20 132917

I think you will still find it in the forum under Start Point , that was the last version from August before the Beta ( for use turntable )


I’ve read through everything and am grateful you’ve shared so much trail and error you’ve gone through. I just started scanning for myself and I have a couple of questions since you’re the expert. I’m trying to scan an upper body of someone who has long hair and a beard and I know that adds a new level of difficulty to it. I’ve bought your suggested turn table and web cam mount. But still having some issues. So

  1. I’m doing the scan with one rotation being about 50-60 seconds. Did I understand right that you stop and fuse points after each rotation?
  2. After stopping the scan I can never get it to track again when I start. Is this common? Or do you have any tips to try and start it again? Its especially hard when I try to adjust the webcam mount
  3. After you scan do export the point cloud into revo studio and do all the editing there? Or do you mesh in revo scan?

Sorry if I’m repeating already asked questions and thanks again for your help.
While I’m waiting I’m going to go watch some of your youtube videos.

That is a matter of personal preference. It becomes more advisable if Revo Scan is running on a smart phone with limited RAM. It is not a major concern if you are using a computer with 8-16 GB of RAM.

It is easiest to resume tracking if you start at the same position where you stopped on the first scan. In any case, you must have a significant amount of overlap between the first scan and the second in order for the scanner to coordinate.

Revo Studio can perform the Mesh operation with higher quality than Revo Scan. It’s your choice which to use, based on your needs and preferences.

Since Jeff already answered basically the questions .

What I do whipe scanning full body at once is scanning each rotation 360 frames and moving it down to next sections , usually I have 10 sections so around 4000 frames for full body scan 2m / 6.3ft person , it may be less for shorter of course with less sections .

I do not stop and fuse it as you will be never able to find the tracking again , unless you scanning a figure from stone . With humans it is very hard , so continue scanning the whole person at once if possible .
Keep the hands as close as you can , palm on the sides forward .
For dark hair baby powder with water and spray the hair , make the hair compact or you going to lose tracking , professionally I do use hair net in skin color the one used for under a wig since scalp hair are not needed in my case . Facial hair with baby powder and eyebrows . Keep the eyes closed as it easier to open them later with software than scanning open eyes that can’t be closed that easier .

Right now the Andrpid app offers 2000 frames for phones with 6GB RAM , I did not tested yet on Tablet but I would not recommend to use mobile apps if you looking for quality , it will take forever to fuse the point cloud … not really my thing to do unless it is a head at max.
that is …

Hi Guys , here is new app for Revo Dual Axis Turntable programmed by @Jonathan
and Beautified by me :joy: , anything to report ? please do to the original thread

NOTE: Do not pair the DATT to your phone other than via the app , do not operate the App before you see clear the DATT is Connected or it will result with Runtime Error on some devices . You need Connect your DATT before you can operate the APPs buttons .

Android APP to use with Revo Scan , including POP, POP2 and MINI
also great for 360 degree Photography and Photogrammetry.


1st attempt with Mini, damn this thing is good !!
Had to recalibrate first as the accuracy test was giving around 1.5000 but got it down to 0.0300 after calibration.
Very impressed with the results considering the price of this scanner.

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My MINI was 2.8000 when it arrived , now recalibrated to 0.0237

With MINI the true potential shows up at 10cm distance and fine details objects , but try this.

Scan same figure at 15cm distance with POP2 and MINI the fuse the point cloud at 0.1mm for both scans , then you see real the difference.

MINI fused with pitch point 0.1mm will still show more details (volume accuracy) than POP2

Setting pitch point lower 0.02 mm will increase the volume resolution ( the deeper relief details of the surface )

I love MINI for my small scans , but using POP2 actually more on anything bigger in general .

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Another comparison scan using Mini, Pop 2 and Einscan SE.
The model is about 60mm in height.

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Einscan SE supposed to be better than POP2 :thinking:

No chance !
The results speak for themselves.

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I’m finding your tests very interesting. I only have a Pop v1 to play with, so I decided to do some quick and dirty scans, because you couldn’t get your elephant to even read. The cow was a Holstein, so I used spray shampoo to dull out the black patches all over it!
Everyone says how much better the Pop 2 is, but I have to work with what I have!


@3D-looey very nice scans !
If Revopoint never made any other scanner I would probably still use POP 1
As it was perfect for what I needed it for.

Considering the low price at this moment
of $399 it is still a great device and you can do a lot with it .

The accuracy is just 0.15mm and 0.1mm resolution but most people do not even 3D print their 3D scans at that resolution .
So for organic forms it is pretty usable !

Thanks for sharing

My elephant was a miniature, too small to be scanned with POP . More for a MINI job
But I was able to scan my ring with POP2 what was very small but I tricked the algorithms.

What is the size of the objects you scanned ? What is the smallest volume you can pick up with your POP after all the software updates in the last months? I don’t own it anymore to test.

The rhino is a standard polythene toy mid grey/brown 140mm long 70 mm high. The cow is similar. I use it mostly for scanning clay sculptures. This Archeopterix head is at the lower size end, about 30mm long. I had to do quite a bit of remodelling in zBrush to get it decent! (I didn’t have my Mini at this point)
I haven’t noticed any improvements in my Pop v1

scan quality due to any of the updates.

@3D-looey you should since the point fusing algorithms changed, I can see it even on the animals surface you scanned , not that it is improving anything other than adding some grain surface .
The 30 mm is sadly the reaching point for a single volume .

When I purchased early POP1 , my only intension was to use it for scanning faces in general and it did the work I needed . The resolution was just fine as it was more for the shape /volume than fine details .

I’ll look out more for changes, I’ve been obsessed with surface quality rather than the means of gettiing there!

Don’t get obsessed, this type of scanning technology suffer a lot from grain effect on the surface , infrared in general is very picky on micro surface as even slightly micro reflection can cause noises shifting the points up and down .

Blue laser scanners like MINI dealing less with that issue .

I work also in Zbrush , and the best way is just to make retopology or remeshing the scan to get rid of the triangles so you can clean out all the noises on the surface much easier . Triangles are pest in post production .

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I saw this topic written in the past
I have a question there,

①As for the size of the marker sticker, is it possible to use a smaller size marker than the standard 10mm marker that comes with it? (3mm, 6mm, etc.)

②I only have a revopoint mini, will the types of markers that can be used with the blue light scanner and the infrared light scanner change?

Yes you can use any markets size , best are the reflective one .

There is no difference, you can use the same markets for both infrared and blue laser .

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