POP2 - My 3D Models Showcase Progress & Tips

Glad to know that it works now :smiling_face:

I’m surprised, too as the process didn’t took nearly as long with the previous version of Revo Scan.

Perhaps you should clean up the Fused or Meshed object in Revo Studio (but I doubt you could get it back into Revo Scan to apply the Texture)

Sadly this didn’t work the last time I tried it. By the way I find this workflow very cumbersome.

No, I haven’t calibrated the scanner after updating Revo Scan. I wanted to do that after finish upgrading the firmware but this didn’t work and I’m still waiting for a response from Revopoint in this regard.

Now you should be able to see that the CPU load decreases after 4 minutes and keeps standing at 30 to 50 % and in the meanwhile there’s no significant load on any of my hard drives.

It do the same here , it always did … but in the last version it get beyond normal waiting time where in older version it takes not even a minute .

But the older version use the CPU at almost 100% constantly so that was also not the good way and people did not liked it .

Your process is running very long, much too long , and it looks like your CPU multi threading is the issue here .

Anyway if this topic continue I would suggest we moving to a new thread with it and we can continue there.


You’re right! We probably should open a new topic for this. Sorry, for messing up your personal thread.


That’s ok David , please set a new thread in the support form and post link to your last video , I will make some tests today and post it there to see if we can speed up the process .
Thank you!


I’ve just created a new thread for this topic:


We got finally new version of the Revo Scan that fixing most of the issues that we shared here latelly.

The textures definitely improved , also I see less usage in RAM and faster processing , fusing takes just couple of second , also texturing time improved rapidly.

I also noticed the model size is reduced in the last Software build.

before update of the software, last firmware POP2

After Software update POP2 last firmware

Works great with old and latest firmware devices .
The RAM while meshing never reached 4GB , while fusing and texturing never reached 2GB

Very good improvements on the win10 version !


@PopUpTheVolume I got my MINI today and have done some test scans, looking good, I will share results in my own thread soon.
But I just want to check, does the revo calibration software work for you on the MINI?
When I click calibrate the program immeddiately shuts down without error.
I am able to connect to the scanner through the software.

MINI is not supposed yet in the calibration software but probably soon will be with everyone getting there MINI soon, just got my tracking number :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I had a try last night to calibrate my beta MINI but no new version yet

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Hi @johnchen , you are in POP2 thread my friend .

But to quick answer your question , the new calibration version is not ready yet , I was testing the new version with MINI and was able to calibrate it but using different method than POP2 since it have now a new board , the calibration software will be out very soon and I will make video how to calibrate MINI .

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@Johnathan your beta MINI don’t have the proper board to be calibrated , the RGB MINI came with a new board , however the software is not ready yet .

You can connect it to the software but you need a last version and proper board .

You see the calibration software don’t use the gyro in the devices to calibrate , it uses the small dots for horizontal level and the big dots for alignment.

Yeah I know what you mean, i just tested it to see what happens when you try without the update because some people have said the program is crashing but I don’t don’t get any crash just cameras disconnected, i know its not going work until the software is updated,

I don’t suspect it needs to calibration but it would be nice to be able to check it :+1:

My unit calibration score was 0.2500 it was messed up as the RGB camera was not proper aligned or shifted by the impact while shipping , so I got temporary testing build to fix my MINI RGB .
The old software never crashed on me , I just had the wrong board to calibrate my old mini beta .
The new calibration software will tell you if you need to calibrate or not . If it says NO this means you can’t or need to improve the score .
My MINI score changed from 0.2500 to O.O320 but mostly what improved was the capture of textures . The model scanning without color was the same as before .

What version do you have? I have calibration_for_Win_v1.0.1.7 same as on the download page
I see the mac version is higher v1.0.1.11 i don’t have mac :man_shrugging:

I have not released yet test build .
But I guess everyone need to wait for the proper version .

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That makes sense, so just a waiting game for software i guess, for turntable and calibration

I got the tracking number for the full colour version with turntable today so waiting for that also :grin:

I think the turntable controlled by Revo Scan should be good

What would be good is if you could also crop out unwanted areas of the scan in Revo Scan instead of having to use studio

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Congrats on your new toys Johnathan!
I am curious about the stabilizer now !

BTW something changed with the last firmware I could not scan outdoors with MINI anymore even if I used anti UVs light protection . I need to return back to my dark box scanning technique.

That’s interesting I wounder want they changed, and if they did it for a reason, maybe something to do with the RGB camera?
Would be useful if you could get them to fix that, i don’t think my mini had the earlier firmware you had I haven’t updated it

I guess it was the RGB camera that cause some of the latest issues with the software etc… the gain setting had to be adjusted in the software as well to be able to scan colors .
It was all perfect for my months before the RGB … but hey it getting there .
For me personally I care mostly about the 3D scanning results than textures and the scanning results improved above the testing units .
Now I can capture the textures as well and not only with MINI but also better with POP2 than before minus the outdoors scanning in the day times.

Something for something…

However I am glad I could help eliminate the major bugs and help improve the units and software . It is better already as it was planned to be and will keep improving.

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Yeah it’s come a long way and as you say it will be better I’m sure in time, hopefully adding the turntable function doesn’t break it again lol

I’m sure they are glad to have your help :+1: I think you have pushed them in the right direction :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: