Pop2 "Device restart"

Hey there,
So all of a sudden I can’t connect with the Pop2. I select the Pop in my wifi, within Revoscan I start a new scan, I get the pop up telling to select the camera, then is stalls and I get an error of “Device needs to restart” and it kick me back to the main menu of Revoscan.


  • Iphone 13 pro
  • Revoscan v1.1.0
  • Pop2 scanner

Thanks for your help!


Hi Alan ,

I am moving your thread to technical customer support .
I am sure @Revopoint3D-Gena will check on you ASAP.

In any case you can always contact the customer service at customer@revopoint3d.com , add link to this thread with your forum ID .

I am using Android and Win myself so I am not familiar with your OS you are using .

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Hi Alan , it seems that the office was closed yesterday what was Saturday for Revopoint ( Beijing Time) they will be open again on Sunday evening around 8-9 pm EST so @Revopoint3D-Gena will check on your issue for sure .

Hi. I just updated to the latest Devi scan app ob my iPhone and run into the same device restart loop. Is there a fix to get it to scan again?

I am not 100% sure since I am not using iPhone .
I see the customer services missed your thread .

Please drop them an email at customer@revopoint3d.com and add a link to this thread with your forum ID name .

That would be the fastest solution here to help you out .