POP2 Can not complete the first scan

Hi, I am a totally new user.
I connect my POP2 to a Macbook Air, CPU M1, 8Gb memory, macOS Monterey 12.5.1
Downloaded yesterday the latest driver / software form Revopoint website.
I try to scan the Augusto Head bundled in the box with the turntable, in “normal” (higher) resolution;
In few turns I begin to see the mesh in green;
Then several turn later it begins to became blue;
The green part become to be misaligned as it slowly shift up (is it normal?)
It took about 40-50 minutes to reach 68% of the scan, then the software aborted.
What can it be ?
What about the speed ? Am I normal ?
What about the abort ?
Does the scan keep all point data in ram, so I should have enough ram, or I can also scan bigger objects and the scan software will write data on HDD while scanning, so I can anyway work with 8Gb of RAM ???

Thank you !

Perhaps you are overscanning.

Scan just over one rotation with the statue standing up. Pause. Scan just over one rotation with the statue on its side. Stop. Complete.

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That’s incredible, so it is so fast ??

But at this point, why there is a mesh that change from green to blue… and why there is a percentage ?
I suppose that when the scan is done, the software should stop by itself, but that is not the case ?

anyway I will try this way, thank you.

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Yes, it’s incredibly fast :grin:

All the other questions I’ll leave for the experts

The green part of the mesh is what the scanner is seeing and the blue is the raw point cloud being generated, as mentioned you only need one complete rotation about 300 - 350 frames ,then move the object if you want to get more angles like the bottom for example then do another rotation, alternatively you can move the scanner position and use the close holes function to fill in the bottom

PUTV has some good videos showing different ways to scan different objects and ways to process them

New Revo Scan 5 will be available soon which has a slightly different workflow but I’m sure @PopUpTheVolume will be doing more videos soon to cover the new software :grin:


Green shows what the scanner is currently digitizing. Blue shows scan data that has already been captured.

A percentage is shown while using the Fuse or Mesh operation when creating a Point Cloud or Surface object, respectively.