Pop 2 status liight stays blue

I have been using this scanner for 6 months and now the LED status light stays blue. The Revo scan on my PC says there is no camera connected. I have tried all of the fixes that were recommended by the bot with no success. What do I need to do now?

Contact the customer support via email if you already tried all fixes and nothing worked . That would be your best and quickest shot .

Hi @Rob2 ,

I ask our customer service team to help you asap.

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Hi Rob, did you update the firmware for the POP 2 which ended up blue LED light?

If so, please download the get_log_v2.0 folder, plug the scanner into your laptop, DO NOT run Revo Scan, wait for 30s, double click, and run the get_log.bat, and there will be a log generated in the same folder, please send it to customer@revopoint3d.com

Our customer service team will help you confirm the problem.

get_log.bat download link:

I have not updated the firmware for the pop 2. I had used it in the morning, then when I came back in the afternoon to use it, It came up as no camera connected and the LED light stayed blue.

Hi Rob2, ok, don’t worry, please still send us the log information to customer@revopoint3d.com, our customer service will help you with that.

My corporate computer will not let me open the log.

I just sent the log. please let me know if this was correct.