POP 2 scanner problem

Hello, I’m encountering errors in square and flat scanning processes even when the object is stationary.

How can I prevent these problems?

I experience these shifts when the scanned figure is within a single loop. When scanning an object by rotating it, I face minor alignment issues.

on the head scan you should try fusing after the scan, it should clean up the results

symmetrical objects like this require marker mode with random pattern of markers ,5+ in view is best, the way you have it the scanner sees all the sides as the same or feature mode with other objects placed near by for the scanner to use as tracking reference

You are using outdated software , the last software is 4.3.1 +

I am experiencing the same problem when I try without markers. When in marker mode, do I need to have more markers in a single view?

I had downloaded the latest version, and these scans were taken using the updated version

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You need to have lots of markers , out the scanner at an 35-45 angle to your object , not scanning straight at 90 degrees.

The objects need to have features , cubes and other primitive objects can’t be scanned because they do not have any features , you will need to use the plate with markers , or add additional small objects around it for support .

It is not the scanner issue , that is how 3D structure light is working , it needs features to track the object in space .

Check my YT channel
You find there couple of videos that will help you out with scanning

Thank you for your response, I will check your page. I will try a few more times, and I hope that will solve my problems.

That are not really a problems , we all go through this in the early beginnings , choosing the right object and settings is the key , and of course practice .
In reality the scanner do not take pictures , the sensor reading the disturbed pattern on the surfaces that the scanner is projecting , and each object feature create a tracking point , if you scan a cube at 90 degree all the scanner see is flat square without dimension , it can’t make out shape …but if you put small objects around it , or use marker plate it will have features to keep on tracking . Just remember to change the mode from feature to Marker if you use markers . You will need at least 3 markets to be visible at all time while scanning .

I am little worry what happened to your bust scan , as it should not look this way since it is the most simple object to scan in feature mode , but I suspect the scanner angle is to blame .

Check my videos , they will show you the way .