Please share the dimensions of the scan markers

I would like to purchase more, and I see 3rd party sellers have several sizes available. What is the proper dimension to use with the revopoint pop?

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Will someone at revopoint please answer this question?

Hi, sorry so much, I just notice this question.

Please check the below details of markers:

BTW, you can also buy markers from our official shop, this is the link: [Pre-sale] Markers For 3D Scanning – Revopoint 3D Technologies Inc.

Yeah, and pay 50€ shipping on a 33€ item (that is actually worth 10€, if I compare it to other marker dots) … not going to happen.

Hi @Thatguy

You can buy the markers from our official store on Amazon. Here is the link: Revopoint - Punto di riferimento per scansione 3D (500 pz), 6,0 mm : Commercio, Industria e Scienza

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Revopoint Team

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Actually I bought similar one from, 25.99€ after coupon, everything is ok so far.

Refer to: