PC wifi connection device not detected

RevopointMini is connected to Wifi with my PC but Revoscan does not show the device.
Anroid app gives possibility to select the connection (wifi or usb)
but Revoscan PC does not show this choice

Are both PC and Mini on the same network range?
Are you sure that the Mini is joined to your WiFi (you see it in your router / wireless control panel)?
The PC Revoscan does a scan at startup for scanners in the same network range as the PC. You don’t need to choose WiFi or USB as the connection is automatic.

I assume you connected MINI via WiFi and now you have network connection without internet on 5GHz

Make sure your MINI is connected to power supply like power bank or 5v/2Am charger , do not connect the USB to PC for power supply if you use WiFi

The connection will be choice automatic not need changing settings .

How do you know that the Mini is connected wirelessly to your PC?

Also, if you are using the Mini in Client mode (connecting to your home router), have you verified that there are no included spaces in the SSID and Password?

Please do not power the MINI via the included USB cable at the same time to your PC if you want Revo Scan to detect MINI via WiFi , you need a separate power source . Other way you create conflict .

if you really want MINI to be powered via USB on your PC and use WiFI as connection you need to use the split mobile cable that is included in the package and power it via the USB A only .

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A bit of background. I was connecting my Mini to my main computer via WiFi. Later, I connected the Mini to my laptop via USB using one port for both power and data, which PUTV recommends against and, as I seem to have damaged one of the USB ports on my laptop, I am inclined to agree with her, but that didn’t cause a problem at this time.

By happenstance, I still had Revo Scan open on my main computer and the Mini connected to both computers at the same time, one by USB and the other by WiFi.

So… If you want to power your scanner from your computer, but connect the data via WiFi, use the splitter with only the power port connected.

Depending on when you bought your scanner, there are three different configurations:

  1. The splitter has two cables coming out of it (USB Type A and Micro USB, for power and data, respectively).
  2. The splitter has two jacks and requires two cables to be plugged into it (the far sides of those cables are also USB Type A and Micro USB).
  3. The most-recent splitter has a Type C jack for power and a Micro USB jack for data. The far sides of those cables are USB Type A for power and Type C for data, respectively.

MINI only have one split cable type with USB A for power and USB C for data , the other are discontinued due to new regulations before MINI release .

There is of course also another option to power the MINI using the single USB A or USB C cable via power bank or AC adapter what would be the best option if you want data to go via WIFI .

But it explains also why so many users has issue with connecting via WiFi while they powering their devices via USB A at the same time connected to their computers .

I think using just one cable for power and data was a huge mistake if you want a fast data flow as it will never works on all systems .
And you know what happens when the data flow is too slow … lose tracking or code-9 error due to slow motion tolerance while scanning .

Sorry i was absent for few days
Mini is connected to handheld stabilizer (plug and cabel that comes out of the hanheld stabilizer)
hanheld stabilizer is connencted to PC with Bluetooth
Mini is conected with WIFI to PC (parameters shows that is connected properly)
there is no other WIFI or even Lan Cable connected
But in revoscan the Mini is not detected
I could of course connect Mini direcly to PC but i wanted to take profit from handheld stabilizer - Mini combination (which is sopposed to show up in revoscan) and to have the mini wireless connected.

How is the Mini connected to your PC?

  1. Have you configured your PC as a Hotspot?
  2. Have you configured your Mini as a Host (incompatible with item 1)
  3. Have you configured your Mini as a Client with the SSID and Password set to connect to your home router?

MINI and Stabilizer do not works yet in Revo Scan together , the firmware need to be updated and new software is coming soon .

Then when you connect MINI via 5GHz WiFi and Stabilizer via PC Bluetooth ( not via Revo Scan) you will get a green stabilizer icon in your Revo Scan software , then it would be ready to use .

This connection will allow you to use the button on the Stabilizer to start or pause the scanning on your computer .

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“Then when you connect MINI via 5GHz WiFi and Stabilizer via PC Bluetooth ( not via Revo Scan) you will get a green stabilizer icon in your Revo Scan software , then it would be ready to use .”

This is what i did (Mini shows green and stabilizer is connected via PC Bluetooth) but neither the MINI nor stabilizer will show up in revoscan

if i dont open revoscan i am not able to do scanning wright ?

Mini is connected direcly to PC via Wifi no home router involved

You can’t use it together with Revo Scan because the Software or your MINI is not ready for this combination via Revo Scan on your PC.

There should be green Stabilizer ICON in the Revo Scan software on the bottom .
And you don’t have one because you don’t have the last software yet .

Please just wait for the release .

Without the proper software all you can control with the stabilizer button is volume of your PC .

ok that meens i buyed than an item which can not be used (jet)

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You can use it for the scanning , just the play/pause button is not active yet so you need to press it manually to start scanning on your PC.
You will need to unpair the Stabilizer from your PC Bluetooth for now.

Did you tried to connect the MINI to your WiFI on its own to make sure it works ?
Just do not use computer for powering it up , use power bank or charger then connect it to wifi .

The new software should be rolled out soon for Windows and that is all you will need to make the start scanning /pause button to work on your Stabilizer .

i used extern power for mini but WIFI still not shows up in revoscan (pc shows that it is connected properly via 5 Mhz)

That is really strange , if you was able to connect to WiFi on your PC with external power source there should be no issues for Revo Scan to find it , even if you used just single USB cable for the extern power source .

I run out of ideas here
I will tag in @Revopoint3D-Gena or @Revopoint3D-Cassie
For future support to determine if your device is working properly as it should as something is definitely not right here with this picture .

Hi @tomirm today I had the same. situation like you where my MINI was connected to WiFi but the Revo Scan did not saw it , what I did I disconnected the MINI from power source , connected back , then connected via WiFi and started Revo Scan and it found the scanner again , it seems switching via WiFi and USB connections while Revo Scan was on, created some glitch .

Hi @PopUpTheVolume @tomirm ,

I will discuss this with our developer team and check the problem.

Best Regards

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Hi @tomirm ,

Please check @PopUpTheVolume 's method and see if it works for you at this moment, thank you.

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