Pattern of dots on turntables

Is the pattern of dot markers on the small turntable a special one? I have purchased a much larger black turntable, and I am wondering if I need to replicate the positions of the dots as they appear on the small turntable (but scaled up), or if any dot marker pattern will do? Thanks!

No. Dot placement doesn’t matter a lot, as long as they don’t move relative to the object being scanned.

No. The dots provide a reference for locking in a scan’s conversion to 3D Points. Just be sure that each pattern is unique (say, 3 in a triangle or 3 almost in a row); they have to be different in order for the Point Cloud generator to work.

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Thanks everybody, good info. I’ve laid out the dots in my own way, trying not to have 3 in a row. I am going to add some dots closer to the center for smaller objects, but it is pretty cool to have the larger turntable.