Out of memory pop scanner

Ciao a tutti, ho un problema con lo scanner pop.
Avvio la scansione dal telefono e arrivato ad un certo punto compare sul display " out of memory". Qualcuno sa cosa devo fare?
Io ho 9 giga di memoria interna e una sd da 16 giga, ma non funziona lo stesso. Grazie mille.

You can scan until full, and save. Then, you can continue. If necessary, you can merge separate files into a composite object and save it as a new file using the Handy Studio app on a computer (it is not available on a phone).

I am curious which smartphone has 9 GB of RAM. The new phone I am considering only has 6GB (my current phone has 4GB).

You should free up the memory before you scan. Do you have a tool to do this? If not, then a reboot may be sufficient.

Puoi scansionare fino a quando non è pieno e salvare. Quindi, puoi continuare. Se necessario, puoi unire file separati in un oggetto composito e salvarlo come nuovo file utilizzando l’app Handy Studio su un computer (non è disponibile su un telefono).

Sono curioso di sapere quale smartphone ha 9 GB di RAM. Il nuovo telefono che sto considerando ha solo 6 GB (il mio telefono attuale ha 4 GB).

Dovresti liberare la memoria prima di eseguire la scansione. Hai uno strumento per farlo? In caso contrario, potrebbe essere sufficiente un riavvio.

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Hello JeffLindstrom, an offtopic question: what tool do you use or recommend to free up memory on an Android device?

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Ciao Jeff, grazie mille per la tempestiva risposta. Quindi ogni volta che si blocca per memoria, devo salvare e ripetere l’operazione.
Sul mio telefono, quando unisci i punti ti da solo 2 opzioni:

  1. Guardare il progetto.
  2. scaricare.
    Se guardo la scansione non posso più tornare indietro per scaricare.
    Sai perché?
    Compare solo una casetta azzurra che non serve a niente.
    Quindi, per unire le scansioni ci vuole il computer con l’altro programma.
    Per quanto riguarda il telefono ho solo un huawei p9 che ha solo 3giga di ram e 32 giga di memoria di cui 9 disponibili.
    Ho comprato una micro sd da 16 giga, ma il programma a quanto pare non la usa.
    Ti ringrazio per la disponibilità e spero di riuscire a fare qualcosa. Ciao e buona domenica.

I’m currently using Boost+, but that is specifically for HTC phones. I have used CCleaner in the past, but it was involved in a hacking scandal a couple years ago when the source code was hacked to install malware. It’s supposedly been fixed and has regained high rankings.

Here’s a list of Android cleaners that are well-regarded: https://fossbytes.com/best-android-cleaner-apps/


Great! Thanks a lot! :grin:

  1. Assuming you have learned to set up the scanner mode of operation (Detail, Dark, Face, etc.) and the exposure settings, I would suggest familiarizing yourself with how many frames your phone can capture and pressing the Stop (square) button before you get to that point.
  2. Then, press “Confrim” to “Complete the scanning”.
  3. Wait for the Handy Scan app to fuse the data.
  4. Press the Go (triangle) button to continue scanning.
  5. Repeat from step 1 until you have finished scanning.
  6. Press the Mesh (cross-hatch) button.
  7. Decide if you want the Handy Scan app to fill the holes (I always choose ‘No’ because I prefer to do that in the Handy Studio app on my laptop). If you do not have a computer to run Handy Studio, then you will have to risk closing holes in the Handy Scan smartphone app.
    1: Supponendo che tu abbia imparato a impostare la modalità di funzionamento dello scanner (Dettagli, Scuro, Volto, ecc.) e le impostazioni di esposizione, ti suggerirei di familiarizzare con quanti fotogrammi il tuo telefono può catturare e premere il pulsante Stop (quadrato) prima di arrivare a quel punto.
    2: Quindi, premere “Conferma” per “Completare la scansione”.
    3: Attendi che l’app Handy Scan fondi i dati.
    4: premere il pulsante Vai (triangolo) per continuare la scansione.
    5: Ripetere dal passaggio 1 fino al termine della scansione.
    6: premere il pulsante Mesh (tratteggio incrociato).
    7: Decidi se vuoi che l’app Handy Scan riempia i buchi (scelgo sempre “No” perché preferisco farlo nell’app Handy Studio sul mio laptop). Se non disponi di un computer per eseguire Handy Studio, dovrai rischiare di chiudere i buchi nell’app per smartphone Handy Scan.

With 3GB of RAM, you will probably be limited to approximately 300 frames before having to stop your scan.

Con 3 GB di RAM, sarai probabilmente limitato a circa 300 frame prima di dover interrompere la scansione.

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Hello, is there an advantage of doing it this way - actively stop the scan process before it reaches the frames limit - over just scanning until the tablet/phone tells you that the memory is full? That’s how I do it, instead of having to watch the number of currently taken frames in addition to all the other things that have to be watched during the process.

And thank for pointing out that I can say “no” to the filling holes thing, I didn’t see that and thought it was just another phrase for meshing.
Actually I think there are too many callback windows - like “do you really want to end the program?”; yes, otherwise I wouldn’t have pushed the “End” button - in HandyScan, which leads to that one, or at least I don’t read those messages anymore.

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I have read that some phones crash when running out of memory. No one has cross-checked against Android version or any other factors that could explain this, so I was going with the safest advice.

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You can do multiple scans, here is the post: [Tips] What can you do when your phone is almost out of memory? - Multiple Scans

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Hi jeff, thanks again for your availability. my phone captures about 300 frames and automatically pauses. I tried my wife’s phone and it captures 900 frames. voucher for a 160 € phone from a brand never seen before, “Oppo”! The various steps are now clear. after merging the various points the app gives me only 2 options download or watch. I tried to look at the project and once opened to view the object it cannot be downloaded anymore. do you know why? I didn’t know the story of the holes you can merge multiple scans just via the app in your computer and that’s why I thank you so much. Forgive my ignorance on the subject. Hello