Out of Memory Error

You should see what 3.0.7 was looking like , a blue pixelated blob :laughing: as that was the issue .

The 3.0.8 is much better now with POP2 and MINI

I liked 3.0.6 there was no issues for me and more frames .

Ah, I see.
Haven’t tried 3.0.7.

I was looking for something that could handle at least good POP2 but did not wanted to spend another $300+ again .
I want this tablet for wireless usage outdoors with MINI so I wanted minimal 8GB RAM for the color scans , and for wireless screen mirroring to my PC indoors .
I will be also able to capture at least half human with one session , so it will be enough for scanning human bust without issues. Or 3ft sculpture outdoors in one session without wasting time waiting for fusing .

We going to see how it perform, going to order this week so hopefully I can make some good review this weekend.

I am glad you did not ! It was failure, pitch point 0.3mm meshing 4 or maybe 3 .
Thankfully they restored the mistake in time .

with 8GB RAM you gonna be good with POP2 and MINI , just make sure it has dual band WiFi 5Ghz .

I ordered the 8GB android tablet today , it was only $206, gonna test it out on Thursday evening with all my devices .

I just receive the Tablet and went to download Revoscan software from the Playstore and it wasn’t there. I downloaded it from APKPURE and I tried to install it and got the error message: “Your device isn’t compatible with this app.” I can’t find any reference from Revopoint as to which Android versions Revoscan is compatible.

That is really weird , it is Android 11 , no way it is not compatible , it have double RAM that is required.

And Revo Scan is in Google Play just checked .

Why did you not download it from the Play Store?


I did a search for Revo Scan on Google Play Stor and couldn’t find it. I tried all various names such as Revopoint, Revopoint 3D Revo Scan with and without space nothing found it. Using the link that you supplied, The Revo Scan APP page appeared. Just above the image of the shoes there is a statement in RED: Your device isn’t compatible with this version.

I contacted the seller to be sure , he said the tablet is Google certified , and the specifications are better than my phone or old tablet that I use Revo Scan with , in this is the case I will have to check with the R&D team and see what is the problem with the app , my tablet arrives tomorrow .
According to the seller there should be no issues with any app from Google Play and it runs Android 11 .

I just searched Revo Scan and it showed up first in the list… we going to find out what is really going on .

I sent an email to Yestel about the problem and included a copy of the GooglePlay link. Waiting to hear back.

Ah OK, you got the 4GB Tablet from Yestel … I was thinking you got the same as I did from Blackview with 8GB.
You scared me here for a moment !

Still your 4G Tablet should have no issues , unless the last Revo App changed the minimum required specifications … did you tried 3.0.6 version ?
Your tablet is Google play certified so you should have no issue with. Octa-Core and 4GB RAM is exactly as my older phone that still working and I did installed Revo Scan on it today without issues .

Sorry to have scared you. I tried version 3.06 and the installation failed. Also found Handy Scan and the installation failed. BTW ApkPure allows you to bypass the error message and lets you download the App. When I go to install it it comes up with the installation failed message.

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If you even tried with Handy Scan that still running on my old 4GB phone when I used it with POP1 last year that run on Android 7 and still can install new Revo Scan … then Yestel need to explain what is going on … as that is not normal behavior for this tablet specifications .

Got the tablet today … and wow , I wish I never buy the extra phone for my POP2 before and got this one instead …

I was able to capture almost 1000 color frames with 8GB RAM where only 700 with 6GB using MINI.
Works fast and great via WiFi , faster fusing and overall processing .

Did not expected that for $200 as that was to good to be true .

The only thing I have problem with are USB-C connection , it get Up and Down asking me non stop for permission , but worked great via WiFi

I tried to use the included OTG cable and USB A but also On and Off as in many case we know already It also can’t powering your POPs or MINI via OTG , the scanner get green, then shut down , however the battery is massive so it should be not a problem .It can charge my phone , so it should power the scanner without issue .

I have better experiences than using my phone for sure regarding portable scanning , less tracking issues if any at all . Full app view on the screen , easy to see what you doing , and very bright screen .
Very happy with that so far as I want to use it outdoors with MINI , and as wireless screen to my PC using TeamViewer.

Going to make some more intense tests ASAP and record the screen

it came with protection cover so it can be used as stand too, you can buy additional keyboard as it has keyboard connection on the bottom and turn it into mini laptop, I have my own tablet keyboard already.

Specifications are as showing above

USB-C charger with USB-C male cable and USBA OTG cable with USBA female connector

Revo Scan installation and Google Certified

Android Revo Scan app full screen

Point Cloud quick scan , my intention is to scan 3D outdoors surfaces with it for my work .

meshed and textured , not so good example as the white balance is not right but that is the app issue

And the USB-C data issue On and Off after connecting the scanner via USB C/ Mobile connector /Power bank
you click Ok , everything looks great then it shut down and ask you again … as usual in so many cases with all Revo scanners. On one devices it works , on a other it don’t.
But I am going to use it via WiFi anyway so no big deal here for me .


I got a reply from Yestel about Revo Scan issue:
Thank you for your waiting, we tested the tablet, we found that our tablet is really not able to support this APP, we are sorry,
If you can accept it, we can provide you with some refunds to cover your losses,
What do you think?
Looking forward to your reply
Have a nice day

I’m sending it back to Amazon

Wow, the mesh quality is so much better with Revo Studio than meshing with the mobile app !
So I’ll be using the app only to scan and fuse the point cloud then mesh with Revo Studio.
These 2 meshes were created from the same point cloud scanned and fused with my tablet then one meshed with the app and one with Revo Studio.

Meshed with the app on a tablet …

Meshed with Revo Studio on a laptop …

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Yes return it ,it isn’t usable at all

You finally discovered it ? The meshing in Revo Studio is 80% higher than in Revo Scan on PC . On mobile it is very low other way you could be waiting forever to mesh it .