Out of Memory Error

I am using an Android tablet with version 3.06 Revoscan and a POP scanner with direct USB connection. I get an “Out of Memory Scan Stopped” message after 255 frames. There are 10.67 GB of free internal storage and 123 GB of free SD card storage on my tablet. Why the message? If I switch to version 3.08 Revoscan I get the memory error after only 3 Frames. What’s Wrong?

I think this will be a low RAM issue not storage space problem, try closing all other apps when scanning

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All other Apps are closed. Isn’t storage made from RAM? Why the problem with 3.08?

I have an Android tablet that flat out lied about its RAM, memory and WiFi capabilities, along with its OS. What make and model do you have?

Its the newly released 2022 version of Amazon FIRE 7.

Your tablet has only 2GB of RAM , the requirement for POP2 is minimal 4GB of RAM.
6GB of RAM allows you only to capture 800 frames in color and 1300 in no color

The new Android APP 3.0.8 has improved quality of the scans so it uses more RAM.

Android as PC app uses virtual memory to capture and process your model , the internal space is used only to store final point cloud/mesh/ textures

Your device needs RAM for running your system so 2GB is basically nothing .

The 3.0.6 version had a very low quality models what got fixed in 3.0.8 version .

And to be clear, it is not out of memory error , it is a note to let know you your device is out of memory and what is left is needed to fuse the point cloud to complete the scan , however if you fuse the model after you got the note , you can continue scanning where you left . However with 2GB it will be painfull process .


Storage and ram are 2 different things. RAM is volatile and will erase when the phone is turned off or restarted. Storage (think of it as a sd card or hard drive) is NON-volatile and will keep everything that is on it after being turned off or restarted.
Hope that helps.


I’m using a POP not a POP2. How much RAM is required by a POP in fast scan mode?

All scanners has recommend minimum of 4GB . You need to be able to scan at least 320 frames in color to make it work proper and 2GB is not enough . Your system and background apps uses part of it already so you have much less available than 2GB .

In this case use the build 3.0.6 or even better 3.0.7 but the quality would be much lower .
You can also try using no color for your scan session.

POP scanning only 2 frames less per second than POP2 but it still need minimum 300 frames to finish full rotation
I will check exactly in a moment and let you know .

You should be able to capture more than 3 frames , did you tried how many frames you can go without color ?

With build 3.06 I get 306 frames. Thanks for your help. I thought that the FIRE 7 would be a great way to have a portable scanner. The WIFI connection on my iphone just didn’t workout for me.

That would be correct as the 3.0.6 allows you around 400 frames with 3GB in color .
However the mesh quality was slightly lower .

I am charging my phone and will test it out to see how much the new version reduced frames .

I know what you mean , I had to get a new phone just for my scanners to have more GB .

I will be back at you in a while .

OK the new 3.0.7 app captures 100 frames less in color mode and 300 less in no color on my phone compared to 3.0.6
so with 2GB you would be able to capture around 333 frames in no color , and 233 in color , if there are no other apps running in the background and after fresh restart .

with the 3.0.6 you should have 433 frames in no color and 266 with color

it seems that the new app preserves more RAM for the meshing and fusing of the better quality models .

Great work. Thank you!

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I’m returning the Fire 7 back to Amazon. I Saw this 10" tablet on Amazon will it work?

For POP yes , it should works just fine .

BTW I am going to order next week this one , the price is great for the specifications


I was considering this phone …

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My current phone has 3GB and is pretty hopeless with the Pop 2.
My tablet has 4GB though and is much better.

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I can’t wait to hear your review of a 8GB Tablet!

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Can’t really say I notice much better scan quality with 3.0.8.