Not much luck with POP with PC or MAC

Hi all, so the POP doesn’t work for me.

I have a PC with no USB-C ports. My USB3 ports seem to keep it running for only a minute or two before it restarts. I was able to scan the included statue one time, but never again.

My home network has a password longer than 12 characters (cause that’s not the limit), so I can’t connect to the POP using a large charger pack to power it.

I’ll have to pay more per month to the cell phone company to be able to do a hot spot on my iphone, plus, I don’t want my phone’s name and password set to POP and 12345678 forever.

My laptop is a MAC. For which there is no software.

If I had known there was limited to no Mac support I would have never bought this thing.

Can I get my money back?


schade so etwas zu lesen!

Kann dich aber gut verstehen! Bevor ich mir einen Revopoint gekauft habe - kaufte ich mir einen Shining SE für 1200€…dieses Gerät funktionierte nicht mit meinem schwachen Laptop.
Da der Revopoint auch per Smartphone funktioniert - ist dieses Produkt eine perfekte Alternative! Und das für die Hälfte des Preises. Und für 9-15 Cent die Minute für einen Hotspot sind es mir wert!
Ich persönlich nutze das Gerät nur über mein iPhone 11 Pro da es leider noch nicht die Möglichkeit besteht das Gerät per USB am MacBook oder Smartphone zu steuern. Ich betone „noch nicht“!

*Hier möchte ich das Team von @Revopoint3D-Cassie bitten - sofort nachzuziehen! *
Die Software/app brauch dringend ein Update! Und auch die Firmware benötigt neue Versionen!

Ob du dein Geld zurück bekommst, wage ich zu bezweifeln! Da der Support leider sehr unbefriedigend ist!
Da kommt es drauf an wann und wo Du Dir das Gerät gekauft hast.

Ich würde an deiner Stelle abwarten was die Zukunft bringt! Scheinbar ist das Team von Revopoint erst vor kurzem aufgewacht und sieht was dieses Produkt für ein Potential hat. Da kommt auf jeden Fall noch was!

Liebe Grüße aus Berlin

Hi there,

a shame to read something like that!

But can understand you well! Before I bought a Revopoint - I bought a Shining SE for 1200 € … this device didn’t work with my weak laptop.
Since the Revopoint also works via smartphone - this product is a perfect alternative! And for half the price. And for 9-15 cents a minute for a hotspot it’s worth it to me!
Personally, I only use the device via my iPhone 11 Pro because unfortunately it is not yet possible to control the device via USB on the MacBook or smartphone. I emphasize “not yet”!

Here I would like to ask the Revopoint team - to follow suit immediately!
The software / app urgently needs an update! And the firmware also needs new versions!

I dare to doubt whether you will get your money back! Since the support is unfortunately very unsatisfactory!
It depends on when and where you bought the device.

If I were you I would wait and see what the future brings! Apparently the Revopoint team has only recently woken up and sees the potential of this product. There is definitely something to come!

Greetings from Berlin

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Hi @P25486

If it runs for some time before it restarts, I guess maybe because the power supply from your USB3.0 does not reach the standard (less than 5V1A).

Could you try to revise POP’s default name and password according to your home network on your PC?

Here is the method: [Tips] How to revise the name and password of default hotspot

After that, you can plug in your POP to a power bank/ supply over 5V1A. Then connect your PC to this home network. Open “Handy Scan” and see if it works now.

Best Regards

Hi @Berlin

Thank you for the reply. We accept your suggestion.

Usually, if we confirm a product is defective, we will resend the user a new POP. Before that, we only need a video for us to ensure it is a defective one. I think we’re trying our best to satisfy our users. But we agree that we can still improve the service.

For the software, please don’t worry. We will keep updating it.

Best Regards

wow, that’s what I call support! thanks @Revopoint3D-Cassie ! :relaxed: that’s what I call support! I’m pretty sure that the product goes up steeply! I am very satisfied with revopoint!

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I was able to get it to work a bit. I doubled up the power to the device, using more than one USB port from the same PC. I got a couple scans, so better.

I still can’t get it to work on my home network. The 12 letter limit on the security password is a problem there.

I tried getting it to connect to a secondary WIFI router, using the standard POP, but the device never appears to connect. I will retry with the upgraded power input.

I will retry with a beefy power bank.

Hi @P25486

Which version of the software do you use? As I know, we had revised the limitation on the password words.

Best Regards